Happy Holidays
Tis' The Season To Be Jolly and Cook!

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Author Linda Stradley
Article by Linda Stradley of What's Cooking America.

Are you planning on hosting a cocktail party?

Check out my favorite Appetizer Recipes. Lots of appetizer recipes from easy-to-make to gourmet.

Appetizer Hints
How many appetizers to make for your party.


Thinking about hosting a holiday dinner party?

Dinner Party Menus & Recipes

Simple Rules For Planning A Dinner Party

Holiday Open House

Make-Ahead Holiday Brunch Christmas Day Prime Rib Dinner

mug of Tom and Jerry holiday drinkOne of my family traditions every Christmas Eve is my husband's Tom and Jerry Batter. We leave the liquor out for the children. Check it out!



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

standing rib roastHow about prime rib for Christmas Dinner? 

Christmas Day Prime Rib Dinner Menu (includes recipes)

How to cook Classic Prime Rib

Cooking Your Turkey:

Barbecued Turkey
Cajun Fried Turkey
Oven-Roasted Turkey
Smoked Turkey
Turkey Terminology - Types of Turkeys

Ham and Pork Recipes

Ham 101 - Learn all about the different types of ham and how to cook them.


Use a Cooking or Meat Thermometer For the perfect prime rib or turkey for your Christmas dinner. Have you ever cut into a roast or a turkey to see if it has finished cooking? Have you ever paid what seemed like a fortune for a beautiful steak and have it come off the grill overcooked and dry? You definitely need a Cooking or Meat Thermometer! Never guess if your meat is done again!


Christmas Cookies and Candies!

Secrets To Making Perfect Cookies

Christmas Cookie Recipes
All your favorite holiday cookie recipes.

Christmas Candy Recipes

Homemade Marshmallows
Better than candy! Check out my homemade marshmallow recipe and you'll be a believer.

Peggy's Baking Corner

Check out Peggy's tutorial and recipe for the beautiful Chocolate Amaretto Snowball Cake

Also check out Peggy's Gingerbread Cookies and Snowflake Cookies

Have a Safe and Fun Christmas Holiday Dinner

Food safety is the most important part of picnic planning, as  food can spoil very quickly out of refrigeration. It is important to keep  food safety in mind when planning for and packing a picnic.

Advice on Handling Leftovers Safely
Leftover" foods are cooked foods that you or your family do not eat within 2 hours after they are cooked. The chance of food poisoning increases the longer you store a food after it is cooked. Improper handling or storing cooked food is one of the most common causes of food poisoning in the home.

Buffet and Party Safety
Have a safe and fun party

Food Safety
The golden rules of food safety

Purchase and Use a Good Instant-Read Thermometers

Meat and Seafood Internal Temperature Cooking Chart


Caviar for that special day

Learn how to handle and serve caviar

To purchase your caviar for the upcoming holidays, check it out here:
What's Cooking America's Caviar Specials


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