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Easter - What's For Easter Dinner?

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Deviled Eggs

Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs
The simple and classic boiled egg is one of the finest and easiest edible delights known on earth.

Making Natural Easter Egg Dyes
Give the Easter bunny a run for his money by dyeing Easter eggs the natural way, using common foods and flowers.

Learn how to make
Tea Infused Eggs
(Marbleized Eggs) by Ellen Easton

Marbled Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Cake

Easter Egg Cake

Check out Peggy's tutorial and recipe for making this beautiful Easter Egg Cakepictured here.

Check out more of Peggy's beautiful baking creations in Peggy's Baking Corner.



Marshmallow Peeps
Easter Marshmallow Peeps

Make your own Peeps! It is very easy to do and so delicious!

Check out the homemade
Marshmallow Peeps recipe.

Photo from Just Born, Inc. in Bethlehem, PA - the official site hosted by the candy company.


What's For Easter Dinner or Brunch?

Baked HamEaster is a time to gather family and friends around a festive dinner table or Easter morning brunch. Check out these great Easter Dinner Menus (includes recipes):

Ham 101 - Learn all about ham (types of ham, how to cook, and much more).

Honey-Glazed Baked Ham Dinner Menu & Recipes

Herb-Crusted Ham


Grilled Rack of Lamb with Pinot Noir Marinade

Rack of Lamb
(Easter dinner menu with recipes)

Lamb Roast with Port Wine Sauce
(Six-course dinner with recipes)

prime rib resting

Classic Prime Rib
Learn how to make the perfect prime rib

Make-Ahead Easter Brunch Menu & Recipes

More great Dinner Party Menus, Recipes, and Ideas and more fantastic Brunch Dishes

Don't forget to check out my wonderful Asparagus Recipes for your Easter Dinner. Nothing says "Spring is here!" more than asparagus!


Making Natural Easter Egg Dyes

dyed Easter eggs

Give the Easter bunny a run for his money by dyeing Easter eggs the natural way, using common foods and flowers.
The longer you soak the eggs in the following liquids, the more intense the colors will be.
Remember to start with hard-cooked eggs and refrigerate until ready to use. Making Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Learn All About Eggs and How To Cook Them

Baked (Shirred) Eggs
Boiling Eggs
Coddled Eggs
Fried Eggs
Microwave Eggs
Poached Eggs
Powdered Eggs
Scrambled Eggs/Omelet
Plus lots more . .