Calvados - French Apple Brandy

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Calvados, French Apple Brandy

I am making a caramelized apple dessert. The sauce that will be boiled and poured over the top consists of maple syrup and 2 teaspoons Calvados.  I need to know what Calvados is and where to buy it. Any ideas? 


Calvados is a French Apple Brandy from Normandy, France. It is said that Calvados is the finest Apple Brandy in the world.

The Calvados region is named after a Spanish Armada galleon, El Calvador.

An ancient tradition in Normandy is to serve this as a digestive in the middle of the meal. Aged cider is double distilled as in cognac and aged a minimum of two to three years. Though it may carry a vintage, sometimes it is blended with older Calvados in the aging process.



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