Saloioi Bread

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Questions and Answers – What Is Saloioi Bread?



I recently purchased a loaf of bread in a supermarket that was labeled Saloioi Bread.  It was composed of two (2) small round loaves baked in tandem.  I had a great crust and was reminiscent of sourdough bread in texture, etc.  I have searched for weeks in books and the internet and have not been able to find it listed anywhere.  Could you help me as to what it is and what ethnic group bakes it.  Thank you!



Saloio Bread – From Northern Portugal, manufactured in the region of Ponte do Rol, 50 km north of Lisbon.  This century-old potato bread is handmade and dusted with flour.  A unique taste and wonderful crust, it is delicious sliced with your favorite dinner.



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