Mushroom Recipe Collection


Mushrooms, Truffles, and Truffle Oil Recipe Collection



Fresh Mushrooms

Nutritional Data on Mushrooms



Truffles/Truffle Oil

Oregon Truffle

Learn about Truffle Oil and the famous Oregon Truffles



Artichoke Mushroom Cannelloni Lasagna

Asparagus with Truffle Oil Vinaigrette

Baked Portobello (Portabella) Mushrooms

Bacon and Black Truffle Macaroni & Cheese

Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Baked Truffled Brie en Croute

Chanterelle Mushroom Custard and Hazelnut Arugula Salad

Grilled Shrimp with Truffle Oil Vinaigrette

Cornbread Stuffing with Fresh Figs, Morels, and Foie Gras

Linguine with Black Truffles

Crostini with Mushrooms, Prosciutto, and Blue Cheese

Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Truffles and Bourbon

Fresh Wild Mushrooms and Cream On Linguine

Mixed Greens with Truffle Oil Dressing

Herb Pasta with Mushrooms and Bacon

Pasta with Poached Eggs and Truffle Oil

Linguine with Portobello “Truffles”

Potato Gratin with Truffle Oil

Marinated Portobello (Portabella) Mushrooms

Risotto with Chives and Truffle Oil

Marinated New York Steaks with Tarragon Mushrooms

Truffle Butter

Marsala Portobello (Portabella) Mushrooms

Truffle Canapes

Michael’s Best Button Mushrooms

Truffle Custard

Mushroom Croustades

Truffle Custards with Crab and Caviar

Mushroom Lemon Dill Tartlet

Truffled Eggs Toast

Mushrooms in Lemon Sauce – Fricassea di Funghi

Truffled Mashed Potatoes

Prosciutto and Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms

White Pizza

Spaghetti Risotto with Baby Spinach and Mushrooms

Stir-Fry Snow Peas with Broccoli and Mushrooms

Swiss Chard with Mushrooms and Preserved Lemons

Tarragon-Rice Stuffed Mushrooms

Tournedos of Veal with Shrimp and Chantrelle

Truffle-Style Mushrooms – Funghi Trifolati

Wild Mushroom Lasagna





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