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I have a couple of chocolate cookie recipes that are wonderful immediately after they have been taken out of the oven-they are soft and chewy-that is until they are completely cooled and then they are quite hard. Is there any way to soften these cookies while they are being stored? I know they haven't been overcooked because I have been very careful about that but what do you think I could do?


How To Soften Hard Cookies:

Following are some hints and tips given by different people on the internet:

(1) Butter or Margarine must be at natural room temperature. If you soften by heating, cookies will be too hard when cool.

(2) Coarse brown sugar controls spreading of cookies, More coarse (brown) sugar equals more spread. More fine sugar (white granulated) equals less spread. But 2 cups combined is max.

(3) To soften hard dry cookies put the in a sealed container with a piece of bread or apple.

(4) If you're like me, you want results instantly! Put cookies (uncovered) in microwave along with a mug of uncovered hot water. Use low heat setting for several minutes; check after a minute or so. Time depends on amount of cookies.

(5) I have had very good results when I put a chunk or two of apples in the cookie storage container. It's quick and easy. I don't wait until they get hard; if it's a recipe that I want to stay moist I just add the apple when I take the cookies out of the oven and first store them.

(6) If your stored cookies have gotten too crisp for your liking, put them in a plastic bag with a piece of fresh bread. The next day you will have soft cookies again.

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