5 Ways to Help You Succeed With Your New Year’s Resolution Weight Loss Goals

Exercise for a healthy new year.  Dieting alone will not get you to a weight loss goal.  Instead try to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.  Once you get moving and start to get in to a groove, you will naturally want to work on healthy eating.


Take a second and set a baseline for your weightless goals by measuring your BMI.  Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is a tool that can help adults determine whether you are at risk for a weight-related illness by correlating the ratio between your height and weight with body fat.


Eating out is one of America’s great past times, so don’t avoid restaurants when dieting!  Learn how to enjoy dining out and stay on your diet with a few simple tips.


It is not always what you eat, but how much you eat – It is the size of your servings that really counts! Learn how to Control your portion sizes. Most of us tend to underestimate the amount of food we eat and tend to overestimate the recommended portion sizes for many foods.  Almost everyone underestimates the amount of calories they consume, and people who weigh more do so to a greater degree.


How to resist overeating, here’s the focus.  Historically, human beings have had too little to eat rather than too much.  Our earliest ancestors worked hard to provide food for themselves and when found, they gorged.  They were never sure food would be available (soon, or at all).  Because of them, you might say, we’re “hardwired to overeat.”

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