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(1)  I keep seeing "Pickling Spices" as an ingredient in many canning recipes. What are canning recipes?

(2)  What is found in the pickling spices (all the recipes call for them but we can't seem to find out what is in the cheesecloth bag)? Can you help us?

I've searched the internet but have not been able to come up with anything. I would appreciate some feedback.

pickling spices


(1)  Canning recipes that use pickling spices are usually referring to preparing and canning (foods preserved in bottles) anything that is pickled, like dill pickles, sour pickles, and sweet pickles. Some vegetable are also pickled and placed in jars for storing. Check out Pickle Recipes.

(2)  Pickling spice is most often used for canning pickles, but in some other dishes as well. The main ingredients are: cinnamon, mustard seed, bay leaves, allspice, dill seed, cloves, ginger, peppercorns, coriander, juniper berries, mace, and cardamom. For a hotter mix, add some crushed hot peppers. Below are a couple of pickling spice recipes:



2 cinnamon sticks, broken
1 tablespoon mustard seeds
2 teaspoons black peppercorns
1 teaspoon whole cloves
1 teaspoon whole allspice
1 teaspoon juniper berries
1 teaspoon crumbled whole mace
1 teaspoon dill seeds
4 dried bay leaves
1 small piece dried ginger

Mix together all the ingredients.

Store in a small, airtight jar up to 2 months.

Makes about 1/4 cup.



4 cinnamon sticks (each about 3 inches long)
1 piece dried gingerroot (1 inch long)
2 tablespoons mustard seeds
2 teaspoon whole allspice berries
2 tablespoons whole black peppercorns
2 teaspoons whole cloves
2 teaspoons dill seeds
2 teaspoons coriander seeds
2 teaspoons whole mace, crumbled medium fine
8 bay leaves, crumbled medium fine
1 small dried hot red pepper (1 1/2 inches long), chopped or crumbled medium fine, seeds and all

Wrap the cinnamon and gingerroot loosely in a piece of cloth and bash them with a hammer until well crumbled. Discard any stringy parts of the ginger, then mix with other ingredients.

Store in a small, airtight jar up to 2 months.

pickling spices

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