Chocolate Glossary

Chocolate Glossary

  All chocolate is not created equal.  When shopping for your chocolate look at the label to find the percent of cocoa butter contained in the bar.  The cocoa butter … Continued

Chocolate Substitution Chart

Need a quick substitution for chocolate?   Here are some chocolate substitutions, but remember not always do they work as well as the original recipe ingredient   Chocolate, Bittersweet: (1-ounce) … Continued

Dark Chocolate Is Healthy Chocolate

  The Best Medical News In Ages! Studies in prestigious scientific journals say dark chocolate is healthy chocolate Dark Chocolate – not white chocolate or milk chocolate – is good … Continued

Hot Chocolate History

Hot Chocolate Drink History

 Rediscover True Hot Chocolate   The terms Hot Cocoa and Hot Chocolate are often used interchangeably, but technically they are as different as Milk Chocolate and bittersweet chocolate.  Hot cocoa … Continued

Melt and Temper Chocolate

How to Melt and Temper Chocolate

Guidelines for Melting and Tempering Chocolate     Melting Chocolate and Tempering Chocolate are not the same.   It is not necessary to temper chocolate when it is used as … Continued

Ice Cream Mud Pie – Chart House Mud Pie Recipe

Ice Cream Mud Pie dessert is one of the signature desserts at the Chart House restaurant in Portland, Oregon.  How about that mountain of ice cream topped with hot fudge … Continued

Peters Gala Chocolate

Milk Chocolate History

History of Milk Chocolate   The development of milk chocolate by Daniel Peter changed the flavor of chocolate around the world.  In 1887, Daniel Peter adopted the original formula for … Continued

Close up image of churro being dipped into Spanish Chocolate Caliente Sauce

Spanish Chocolate Caliente – Hot Chocolate Sauce Recipe

  This Spanish Chocolate Caliente is a popular hot chocolate sauce that people enjoy all year long.  It is so rich and intense!  Once you try this decadent Spanish version … Continued

Types of Cocoa

  Questions and Answers – Types of Cocoa   Question: I’m confused!  Can you tell me the difference between Dutch-Process Cocoa and Unsweetened Cocoa?  Are they interchangeable in a recipe? … Continued