Summer Vegetables with Garlic Scrapes and Roasted Tomato Sauce Recipe

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This Summer Vegetables with Garlic Scrapes and Roasted Tomato Sauce recipe is a very colorful and healthy dish that your family will love!

At my local Farmer’s Market this week an array of baby zucchini and patty pan squashes, both green and yellow varieties, caught my eye.  The grower said her customers go nuts for these babies and they are grabbed up very fast.  I purchased both varieties, plus I bought enough to feed three served as a side dish.

This delicious Summer Vegetables with Garlic Scrapes and Roasted Tomato Sauce recipe, comments, and photos were shared with me by Karen Calanchini, Food Stylist and Photographer, of Redding, CA.


Summer Vegetables


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Summer Vegetables with Garlic Scrapes and Roasted Tomato Sauce:

Summer Vegetables with Garlic Scrapes and Roasted Tomato Sauce Recipe

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 3 to 4 servings


3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
About 2 cups to 2 1/2 cups of an array of baby summer squash (no more than 1- inch wide or 3-inches long), cut the zucchini squash into thick slices
1/4 cup thinly-sliced red torpedo onion or regular red onion
2 tablespoons chopped Garlic Scapes*
1 red jalapeno chile pepper, diced**
Red pepper flakes, to taste
4 to 5 fresh thyme sprigs
Coarse salt
Freshly-ground white pepper
Chicken stock or broth (either homemade or store brought)
Homemade roasted tomato sauce, about 1/3 cup, or use your favorite type of tomato product: sauce, stewed tomatoes, diced tomatoes, or crushed tomatoes.

Summer Vegetables* Garlic Scapes are the "flower stalks" of hard neck garlic plants, although they do not produce flowers.  These stalks start to appear a month or so after the first leaves.  Garlic Scapes taste just like garlic.  They can be used in exactly the same way as garlic in any recipe.

** Green jalapeno peppers may also be used, and you may also throw in a colorful bell pepper from your garden.



Summer Vegetables    Summer Vegetables
Various summer vegetables used in this Summer Vegetables with Garlic Scrapes and Roasted Tomato Sauce recipe.


Summer VegetablesHeat a saute pan and then drizzle with the olive oil.  Add squashes, onion, garlic scapes, and jalape chile pepper.  Saute, stirring occasionally, until the squashes begin to show a golden brown, and just begin to soften.

Add red pepper flakes, salt, and white pepper to taste.  Toss in the thyme sprigs.  Add approximately 3 tablespoons of chicken stock to deglaze pan, stir up browned bits on bottom of pan and cook until most of the broth is absorbed.

Add just enough fresh tomatoes to coat all the vegetables, but do not over sauce.  Place lid on pan, turn heat to low, and cook an additional few minutes.  I like my zucchini just a little crisp.  Cook longer if you prefer a softer bite.  You may need to add a bit more chicken stock.

Heat through, remove thyme sprigs, and serve.

Makes 3 to 4 servings.

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