Strawberries Pernod Recipe


Strawberries Pernod Recipe is an extremely simple and delicious boozy strawberry dessert!   Especially great for your summer dinner party – could be used as a first course or even served as dessert.  Your guests will be absolutely delighted with Strawberries Pernod.  In France, Strawberries Pernod could be considered an aphrodisiac.

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Strawberries Pernod


Strawberries Pernod Recipe:

Strawberries Pernod Recipe

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 0

Yield: serves many


Fresh strawberries, washed, hulled, dried, and sliced
Vanilla ice cream (one big scoop per person)
Pernod liqueur (anisette)*
Coarsely-ground black pepper

* Pernod is the brand name of the French licorice-flavored liqueur called Pastis.  In southern France, it is know as the "milk of Provence."  Pastis is a charming drink – the first glass invites the second and very often the second the third.



Cover individual dessert plates with a thin layer or "mirror" of Pernod, approximately 1 tablespoons per serving, by spooning some Pernod on the middle of the plate and then turning the plate around to spread.

Scoop ice cream on the middle of each plate.  Cover the ice cream with strawberry slices until ice cream is invisible.  Grind a few generous turns of your pepper mill over the strawberries and the Pernod on each serving plate (do not go overboard with the pepper - more is not better).  Serve immediately.


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