In America, a cookie is described as a thin, sweet, usually small cake; in Australia and the UK it is called a biscuit.  There are hundreds upon hundreds of cookie recipes in the United States.  No one book could hold the recipes for all of the various types of cookies.

  • bar cookies

    These cookies are baked in sheets and then cut into squares or bars.  They are a softer type of cookie (more like a cake).

  • drop cookies

    Cookies that are dropped from a spoon.  Almost any cookie dough can be baked as a drop cookie (if additional liquid is added to the batter).

  • molded cookies

    Molded cookies can be shaped by hand, stamped with a pattern before baking or baked directly in a mold.

  • pressed cookies

    These cookies are formed by pressing dough through a cookie press (or pastry bag with a decorative tip) to form fancy shapes and designs.

  • refrigerator cookies

    Cookie dough is shaped into logs and is refrigerated until firm.  They are then sliced and baked.

  • rolled cookies

    Rolled or crisp cookies are made from a stiff (or chilled) dough, which is rolled and cut into shapes with sharp cookie cutters, a knife, or a pastry wheel.  They should be thin and crisp.


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