Linda’s Diet Statement

Eat to live – Do not live to eat! 


Linda’s Diet Statement:  I hate or dislike (hate is a strong word) the above statement because I am a true “foodie” who loves good food.

I still love good food and always will.  I just try to be selective in what foods I choose to eat at any given time.  You can fit most of your favorite dishes in your diet if you make some adjustments in the ingredients.  Sometimes though, you just can not make ingredient adjustments to have the true taste of the dish.

My saying has always been “If something is worth doing, it is worth doing right!”  With that being said and off my mind, I am doing my best to lose weight at a safe and reasonable rate.

Check out my many Diet Recipes and also the Food Nutritional Value Chart that shows fat grams, fiber grams, and calorie that I have collected (includes many recipes from my main web site that I have adapted).  I have also included some Weight Watcher’s Points to help you in deciding which recipes to prepare.  Unless otherwise noted, I have included in each of the following recipes:  Fat Grams, Calorie Counts, and Weight Watcher points.

Another thing I do, is to allot myself some dark chocolate everyday.  As dark chocolate is low in calories, this satisfies my craving.  One ounce of dark chocolate is approximately 136 calories.  One ounce of chocolate is a lot of chocolate! You can have your chocolate and eat it too!  Check out my article Dark Chocolate is Healthy Chocolate.

My husband and I enjoy going out to dinner and trying new restaurants.  We have a “date night” every Friday together.  I do my best to apply the rules on this page, How to eat out on a diet or How to survive without blowing your diet for choosing my dishes.  Because we do it only one night a week, I am not real strict with myself.  The next day though, I am back on my diet.  This keeps me from feeling deprived!

If I am invited to a special dinner or dinner party, I always eat what the host or hostess has prepared and is set in front of me.  I will not even tell the host or hostess that I am on a diet. This only makes the host or hostess uncomfortable after working hard to prepare a grand meal.  I also do not want to deprive myself of the delicious foods my hostess has prepared.  I find that I can continue my weight loss as long as I immediately get back on the diet the next day.

A couple of years ago, a gentlemen I know (no names or I will get in trouble), brought a frozen diet dinner to my dinner party.   He announced, “I’m on a diet and I can’t eat what you have prepared!”   Needless to say, I have never invited him back.  This really ticked me off!   I spend a lot of time, effort, and thought into planning my dinner parties.

I have to update the above statement.  I did invite the gentlemen back to dinner 8 years later.  Before he and his wife came, I asked his wife if there were any foods he would or could not eat.  She said to me, “No, he like everything.”  Well, when I served a nice dinner to him, he just stared at me and said “I don’t eat these foods.”

Always remember – If you break your diet on one day, get right back on the diet immediately the next day!



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