Discoloration of Bananas

Discoloration of Bananas


Discoloration of Bananas – I know lemon juice will help keep sliced bananas from turning brown.  Is there something else I can use without the overwhelming tart flavor? – Clifton L. Gillette (4/12/00)




Discoloration of BananasAny citrus fruit, such as lime, lemon, grapefruit, or orange, will prevent discoloration of bananas and other fruits.  This is the method that I use.

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is effective in preventing darkening in most fruits.  Not only does it preserve natural color and flavor, but it adds nutritive value.  I do not do this because I prefer the natural juices.

Ascorbic acid in crystalline or powdered form is available at drugstores or where canning supplies are sold.  Ascorbic acid tablets are available and may be used.  They are less expensive, but more difficult to dissolve ( teaspoon ascorbic acid = 1500 mg).  Also, filler in the tablets may make the syrup cloudy.

To use, dissolve ascorbic acid in a little cold water.  Use the amount specified for the fruit being frozen.  If using tablets, crush them so they will dissolve more easily.



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