Beef on Weck Sandwich History and Recipe

Some people consider Beef on Weck (thinly sliced slow-roasted rare roast beef piled as high as 6 inches) on a freshly baked kummelweck roll, the Best Roast Beef Sandwich in America.  Also called Beef on Wick, an alternative spelling usually used by older people from Buffalo and eastern suburbanites.  Few, if any, restaurants outside the Buffalo area serve this sandwich or even know what it is.


Beef on Weck Sandwich


What is a Beef on Weck Sandwich?  It is a roast beef sandwich on a salty kummelweck roll.  In fact, it is this roll that makes the sandwich unique.  Made only in the Buffalo-Rochester area, the kummelweck – often alternatively spelled kimmelweck – is basically a Kaiser roll topped with lots of pretzel salt and caraway seeds.  Kummelweck is simply shortened to “weck.”  The sandwich is usually served with sinus-clearing horseradish (you can tell a native Buffalonian by the amount of horseradish he or she used), a couple of huge kosher dill pickle slices on the side, and extra beef juice served straight from the roast.  Wash it all down with a cold, locally brewed ale.


History Beef on Weck Sandwich:

– The following family history of the origin of the Beef on Weck sandwich was shared with me by John Guenther, great grandson of Joe Gohn, originator of the Beef on Weck Sandwich.  Some of the information also comes from the Buffalo Courier Express newspaper, April 6, 1980:

Just before the start of the 1901 Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, NY, Joe Gohn (1862-1949) purchased a small saloon which he called the Delaware house, located at Delaware and Delavan Streets.  The Delaware House was located on the northwest corner across the street from one of the exposition’s main entrances.  He enlarged the house to offer hotel-style rooms for the exposition travelers.  It was never called a hotel, but in order to have a whiskey license, he had to have ten bedrooms and provide sitting rooms for his customers.

According to family history, street trolleys loaded with people headed for the exposition were let off near the veranda of the John Gohn’s Delaware House.  Since Joe had turned his house into a hotel and tavern to house and feed the hungry people, he decided that a roast beef sandwich and a cold beer would taste good to these travelers.  Joe had a German baker working for him who was already making the rolls for the Delaware House.  This baker, name unknown, suggested adding the caraway seeds and salt to the top of the rolls as they did in Germany.  In Germany, this type of roll was called a kummelweck with nickname of weck.  These sandwiches soon became very popular, and of course, the kummelweck helped to create extra thirsty patrons for selling a lot of beer.

The original Delaware House was purchased by the Standard Oil Company in 1931.  It was later razed and a has a gas station on the site.  Joe Gohn then purchased the building next door and converted it into a tavern, called Gohn’s Tavern.  He continued serving his now famous Beef on Weck sandwiches.  In later years, he sold the tavern and it became Meyer’s Tavern, which for many years continued selling the Beef on Weck sandwich with great popularity.
It is commonly believed by some historians that William Wahr, a German baker, brought the kummelweck to Buffalo from the Black Forest.  There is no historical evidence to back this claim up, but could this be the name of the baker who worked for Joe Gohn at the Delaware House?


Beef on Weck Sandwich Recipe:
Prep Time
15 mins
Cook Time
50 mins
Total Time
1 hr 5 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Beef on Weck Sandwich History, Beef on Weck Sandwich Recipe
Servings: 8 sandwiches
Beef on Weck:
  • 1 (3 to 4-pound) beef roast (tenderloin, Prime Rib, or eye of round)
  • 1/4 cup olive oil, extra-virgin
  • Coarse salt and coarsely-ground black pepper
  • 8 Kimmelweck or Kaiser rolls*
  • 2 tablespoons caraway seeds
  • 2 tablespoons coarse salt**
  • Horseradish, prepared
Cornstarch Glaze:
  • 1/2 cup water, cold
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
Beef on Weck Instructions:
  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.

  2. Rub roast with olive oil, salt, and pepper.  Place roast on rack in a shallow baking pan, tucking the thin end under to make it as thick as the rest of the roast.

  3. Bake, uncovered, 40 to 45 minutes or until thermometer registers 130 to 135 degrees F.  Remove from oven and transfer to a cutting board; let stand 15 minutes before carving.  Reserve meat juice, and carve meat into very thin slices (as thin as you can slice).

  4. Reduce oven temperature to 350 degrees F.

  5. Beef on Weck SandwichBrush the prepared Cornstarch Glaze on the top of each kimmelweck or Kaiser roll; sprinkle equal amounts of caraway seeds and heat in the oven for 3 minutes or until tops of the rolls get crusty and the caraway seeds and salt begin to stick.  Remove from oven and cut each roll in half lengthwise.

  6. To assemble sandwiches, divide sliced beef on the bottom half of each roll, spoon with reserved beef juice, and top with the top half of each roll.  Serve with horseradish on the side.

  7. Makes 8 sandwiches.

Cornstarch Glaze Instructions:
  1. In a small saucepan over medium-high heat, stir together water and cornstarch.  Heat mixture to a gentle boil.  Reduce heat to low, and stir until mixture thickens and is translucent.  Remove from heat and let cool.

    Beef On Weck Sandwich


Comments from Readers:

I just found the recipes that are from Buffalo.  I have only seen a couple Beef on Weck recipes and none of them looked right.  Your recipe above looks dead on! I have not personally made them from scratch, but I know a local butcher who makes them.  One of the few I saw called for you to brush the roll with water or egg white for the salt and caraway, and one thing we know for sure is they have the cornstarch glaze. – Lisa H, Lockport, NY (6/19/11)


Here in the Erie PA area there are a few local delicacies found only here.  The local version of Beef on Wick is called Ox Roast.  It is virtually the same except that the roll is plain (sometimes only thick slices of home made bread) but the cooked in an overnight outdoor roaster made of corrugated steel.  The story on the Ox Roast is that it was brought by the railroad workers.  Erie was the hub of east-west, north-south railroads back in the day.  The story is the guys building the railroads used this method to feed the workers.  During my boyhood all town fairs, carnivals etc. included the firemen sponsoring an “OX Roast”. – Jim (12/15/05)



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65 Responses to “Beef on Weck Sandwich History and Recipe”

  1. Lisa

    Everyone in Central Pennsylvania knows what Beef on Weck is for generations! It is not exclusive to Buffalo even if it was created there. All of the bakeries make Kummelwick rolls.

  2. Bill

    Most recipes for Beef on Weck miss the point that it is the entirety of the ingredients that make this an unforgettable experience. Rare roast beef carved hot off the roast, Au jus on the bun , a Kummelweck bun of course and horseradish. The best I have had is at the Beef-N-Barrel in Olean, NY. Had it there growing up in the late 60’s and had it again in August. Sometimes things you loved as a child do not taste as remarkable as an adult. This was the opposite and was even better! I have always had it with a of warm German Potato Salad and consider this the best side for this sandwich.

  3. Deb

    OMG – we used to eat at the Beef-N-Barrel too!! My inlaws had a cabin in Franklinville, NY and we used to go to the city of Olean to eat there! We are planning on Beef on Weck for Christmas dinner this year. Will attempt to make the rolls………..wish me luck!! We live in NC now……

    • Colleen

      You can get Kaiser rolls. Recipe I found was bit of butter on top, kosher salt and caraway in oven for brief time. kummelweck! The beef, I own that rare. Best. freshest horseradish and delish. No MD tiger sauce; mayo and horseradish.

  4. Linda

    As a born and raised Buffalo girl transplanted to upstate NY, Beef on Weck is our Christmas Day meal and has been now for 3 generations. I usually brush the top of the roll with whipped egg white to get the salt and caraway seeds to stick but tried the cornstarch method last year. They both work well and the kaiser rolls taste very much like homemade weck rolls (which we can’t get in upstate NY). Some suggest brushing the top of the rolls with pan juices. Still, this meal never tastes as good as it does when eaten in McPartlan’s Corner in Williamsville, NY.

  5. george andrews

    Lived i n East Aurora for 40 years. Love this sandwich

    • linda kerling

      East Aurora, NY…….I was raised in the area, moved South, sad to say nothing like it in SC…The Bar Bill, has the best in my opinion

  6. Alice Opie

    I moved to Arizona in 1990 from Batavia, NY. Whenever I get back to the area for a visit, I always make sure to get a beef on wick either at Sunny’s or the Poke-A-Dot in Batavia and/or in LeRoy at the Red Osier. Then I buy one more at the Buffalo airport to take on board the plane for my return flight to Las Vegas. Sometimes, I even bring kimmelwick rolls home with me. I buy deli roast beef and a package of au jus to create more for home in AZ.

  7. Kathy

    When flying out of Buffalo, I always make time to stop by the Queen City Kitchen at the airport for a Beef On Weck with their great chips.

  8. Allison Bauer

    My husband is from East Aurora and took me there for the first time for his 40th high school reunion. I had never heard of this sandwich when I saw this on the menu. I got it, loved it and went back the next day for another! I love to cook and will definitely try to make this at home.

  9. Paul Gatza

    I grew up in Buffalo enjoying beef on weck. Now that Wegman’s has come south to Virginia, I can continue
    the pleasure.

  10. Paul Gatza

    Wegman’s has come south to Virginia, so I can once again enjoy this ‘delicacy’!

  11. ron hanley

    I grew up in Attica NY and always had a beef on wick when I went with my dad to the St James hotel in Attica back in the 50’s.

  12. Dan Colmerauer

    Does anyone remember Bailo’s (corner of Bailey and Lovejoy — I probably spelled it wrong)? Incredible Beef on Weck!
    Are they still open?

    (Living in AZ since early 70’s)

    • Dale Bork

      No it’s not. Fire burned the place down and they never rebuilt. It was the ultimate!


      Live a block away behind the Police Station! My Dad used to drink kitty-corner at the Central Bar and bring home Beef on Wecks!

      It burned down and I remember after high school, late ’70’s, Bailo’s opened up in North Tonawanda or Wheatfield I think, off N.F. Blvd. or “Old” N.F. Blvd.

      All this talk got me hungry Saturday nite and I went to Partners & got TWO Beef on Weck dinners, had one Saturday and last one last night! There you get a Beef on Weck with seasoned French Fries, a little cup of Horseradish from The Broadway Market (!), and a dill pickle spear. I just looked up the charge and it was $15.77 for two!

      If you know where Bailo’s was, Partner’s had various names over the years but it would have been between Bells and Super Duper! Those two are a blast from the past! I believe the street is called Richard Drive, which connects William St to South Ogden…

      The Central Bar became something else and hired at least one former Bailo’s employee who knew the original recipe, and I worked in the kitchen for a short while.

      I remember the original Bailo’s was accused of using HORSE MEAT on more than one occasion! But back to Beef on Weck, it’s truly one of the foods associated with Buffalo, along with Wings, Sahlen’s hot dogs, and Weber’s Horseradish mustard!

    • Antonia M. Devine

      I used to go there once a week . Was the best. I lived in Buffalo for 20 years . I was sorry they closed.I found a place called Shwebals on Center Rd in West Seneca, Ny. Very good.Almost as good as Balo, s

    • Roman Fedyk

      No, unfortunately they closed many years ago…..

  13. Cary Sutherland

    If you are in Youngtown, NY area, go to Ray’s Tavern on Lake Road. Beef on Weck, wings, fish (Friday’s) is all good!

  14. Wendy Morgan Clark

    I’m from Western NY. Moved To Texas/Louisiana years ago. This has always been the first sandwich I get when going home. We go to a little Pub in Skaneateles. With homemade horseradish or if you want the original sauce, go for Mustard sauce from dried mustard spice mixed with beers (hot so use sparingly). Can’t live without the Au jus for dipping !! My son works for Wegmans and he enlightened me on using Kaiser rolls and adding the careway seeds and salt. This receipt is the best for making the whole thing. Thank you soooooo much. My husband is from Louisiana, where we live. He feels this is the best sandwich in the world!!!!!

  15. Cindy

    From the Rochester area – don’t think I ever had one when I lived there. Husband is from Angola on the Lake. We now live in New Mexico & I ended up making these from scratch for him. Bread included. They came out wonderful! Now I am tasked with enlightening my staff to the wonders of Western New York!

    • ann

      Absolutely roast your own beef! Don’t buy sliced RB from the deli. You need real au jus and if you can find fresh horseradish root, make your own. It’s worth all the effort!

    • ann

      I live in ABQ now. When I get a hankering for a beef on weck, I’ll go out of my way to make it from scratch! What restaurant?


    P.S. virtually every bakery in the Western NY area, EVEN WALMART SUPER STORES with bakeries, make kimmelweck rolls now. WalMart must use a different recipe because on a “Day Old”/”We made too many” rack with breads and rolls at a reduced price, their weck rolls are very hard compared to the same age Kaiser rolls. You’d think they would make the Kaiser rolls with egg wash or that other cornstarch method mentioned to attach the salt & caraway seeds. Partners uses the dip method—there’s TOO MUCH salt, but you can just shake it off.

    Hard to find are the rolls with the 5-fold star shaped pattern on the top anymore, like Al Cohen’s hard rolls.

  17. Peggy Tim

    Grew up in Marilla NY, and loved beef on Weck at the Bar Bell in East Aurora. About the only time I ever ate out was to have this sandwich or a good Fish Fry at Macks and Sofs on 20A and Two Rod. Great memories that still make my mouth water. Now living in NC, have to create my own tastes of home in my kitchen. Trips to visit family always include Friday Fish somewhere and beef on Weck! Oh, so good…oh so homesick😘

  18. ann

    Absolutely roast your own beef! Don’t buy sliced RB from the deli. You need real au jus and if you can find fresh horseradish root, make your own. It’s worth all the effort!

  19. Jarmusz

    I’m 62 this month, I lived off North Odgen as a child, I remember my father use to take me to Bailo’s for the beef on weck. This was something I have never forgotten all these years. I never had another beef on weck for the past 52 years at least. Now in Florida I have found a couple of places that have the sandwich. Glory Days is one of those places.

  20. Luise Bush

    I’m Rochester some places have Beef on week but it’s rare ., Love Beef on Weck!!!

  21. T. J. Garrett

    EI was born in 1950 and raised in Buffalo, NY. My late mother’s first cousin and his wife owned a
    Restaurant in Buffalo. They use to serve Beef-on-Weck Sandwiches. They would make their Kümmelwick Rolls from scratch! They would apply an egg wash on the top the rolls, prior to sprinkling the Sea Salt & Caraway Seeds; then bake the rolls.

    When they had served the sandwiches, they would lightly dip the inside of the of the role in the beef juices. And served, on the side with horseradish and prepared mustard.

    Also, warm German Potato Salad and couple of sliced Dil Pickles!

    I also recommend, Schabel’s Family German Restaurant in the Town of West Seneca, NY; just
    South-east of Buffalo, NY.

    They have excellent Beef-On-Weck, served with
    Authentic German, Homemade Potato Salad!

    I’ve been residing in Central Florida for over 25 years. Occasionally, I make Beef-On-Weck. I’m able to get my rolls at a local supermarket because the Baker there is originally from Buffalo!

  22. Steve Kinnaird

    I grew up in Olean, NY and went to the Beef-n-Barrel many many times.
    I have been in Palm Bay, FL since 1982.
    Recently I discovered a well kept secret, the Mainstreet Pub in Melbourne, FL offers an incredible Beef on Weck sandwich. They have gone as far as tour upstate WNY to look for ways to make theirs the best and they have done the homework. It is the go to place for Beef on Weck. Especially when friends and family from WNY visit 🙂

  23. Patricia Wahr

    Actually if you research the kimmelweck .you will find My Husbands Great grandfather brought the receipe over from the black forest of Germany. William Wahr. Mr. Food once had the family on.

  24. Pam Spink

    I am originally from Allegany NY and now in SC. One of the things I miss the most is a Beef on Weck at “Beefs”, aka as the Beef N Barrel in Olean. Must go to when I visit.

  25. T. J. Garrett

    I was born in 1950 and raised in Buffalo, NY. My late mother’s first cousin and his wife owned a
    Restaurant in Buffalo. They use to serve Beef-on-Weck Sandwiches. They would make their Kümmelwick Rolls from scratch! They would apply an egg wash on the top the rolls, prior to sprinkling it with Sea Salt & Caraway Seeds; then bake the rolls.

    When they had served the sandwiches, they would lightly dip the inside of the of the top of role in the beef juices. And served, on the side with horseradish and prepared mustard.

    Also, warm German Potato Salad and couple of sliced Dill Pickles!

    I also recommend, Schabel’s Family German Restaurant in the Town of West Seneca, NY; just
    South-east of Buffalo, NY.

    They have excellent Beef-On-Weck, served with
    Authentic, Homemade German Potato Salad!

    I’ve been residing in Central Florida for over 25 years. Occasionally, I make Beef-On-Weck. I’m able to get my rolls at a local supermarket because the Baker there is originally from Buffalo!



  27. David

    I grew up in Salamanca, and stop by the Beef n Barrel whenever I am in the Olean area. The is a Bills Backer’s club in Delaware where I am now and the host pub makes a pretty decent beef on weck ( with a cold Labatts) special on game day. It’s not bad!

  28. Jim Moseler

    My Grandmother told me that her father worked for the family bakery that you mention as unknown origins. He was a nephew, I believe, of the bakery owner.

    When was still a free service, I remember looking up the lineage on public records and it did seem the information lead back to a bakery as occupation listed. I believe it was located in the OFW or Kaisertown.

  29. Betsy

    I’ve lived in east central FL since ‘82 originally from Amherst. So many good places to eat!
    The crows nest for a fish fry or the bar on Bailey for beef on week. Publix sells Sahlens hot dogs so at least I can have a small taste from home once in a while. No place like home 🏠 Buffalo people are the best 💕

  30. rodd weber

    Beef n Barrel in Olean New York
    Best around.


    I grew up in WNY. Restaurants that were or are still known for their Beef on Weck:
    Bailo’s (no longer). Schwabl’s in West Seneca (formerly Ebenezer), Bar Bill in East Aurora, Eckel’s in Orchard Park and Beef-N-Barrell in Olean. After my Grandfather died in 1947, my grandmother sold Semlitsch’s Tavern to Ray Scwabl. He started the Beef and Weck business their. The German Potato Salad recipe is my grandmothers (Mary Semlitsch) recipe. She and several of my aunts and cousin worked their for many years. I now live in Mt. Pleasant SC and everytime I go back to WNY I make sure I get my Beef on Weck.

    • Nancy

      I love when everyone shares their personal stories about food. That is what makes food so great, the memories!

  32. Mary

    Grew up in Chautauqua County and love beef on weck. Living in ABQ now so have to make my own. WNY has the best food!

  33. Mike

    Also from WNY…love me a beef on ‘weck!
    If you’re in NoVA…go to “”Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern” in Herndon, and get yourself one! Delish!

  34. Dave

    Grew up in NT use to go to Swistons in Tonawanda live in Va Beach va now since 78 go to Samwich in Norfolk a Buffalo legend. Great food!!!!!

  35. David

    Had many a good Beef on Wick in Dunkirk at the Falcons Club & many other local spots. Not many in FL can come close. Gotta have the horseradish sauce.

  36. Paula Hickey

    I lived in Buffalo for 11 years. Anderson’s Roast Beef is great! There are several locations in the Buffalo area with the original one on Sheridan Drive. Awesome Beef on Weck! We have to go every visit to Buffalo!

  37. Dave Seyse

    Thank you for the tip. I live in New Smyrna Beach. I’ll be down for a Beef On Weck. Great news. Schwable’s was my favorite spot in the Buffalo area. The Arcade Hotel in Arcade, NY was OK.

  38. Stacey

    I grew up in Upstate NY, about 2 hours South of Buffalo. My father worked at the Beef ‘n Barrel for a little while when I was just a baby and then moved to Wellsville, NY to open his own restaurant featuring Beef on Wecks. The Beef Haus is still there but my dad does not own it. It’s still a must have when I come to NY as I live in Nebraska now and nobody has ever heard of it! 🙁

  39. Csrol Leonsrdi

    This was such a pleasure reading everyone’s experience of living near Buffalo NY. I still live in Lancaster, NY. I go to Bar Bill’s now. Have been to Schwabel’s, Eckel’s, Andersen’s, all of them. And went to the ones that are not here any more. I have been making Beef on Weck for Christmas Eve since 1971. Almost 50 yrs. I like Bar Bill’s and Schwabl’s the best. And so happy tonseenlast remark about Arcade Hotel where I grew up and had my first roast beef. Only 17yrs old then and nothing to compare to when you sre young. Just then memories!!!!!!!!

  40. Dan

    If you want a really good beef on weck, check out Kelly Korner in North Buffalo on Delaware Ave. Low price too. Also, there ham off the bone sandwich is fantastic.

  41. Rob Case

    We lived in Gulfport FL, and a pub there called O’Matties had Beef on Weck, and a story about the owners Grandfather making them at the Pan Am. Turns out the place was owned by Joe Guenther the person you quoted at the start of this thread.

  42. Jim Joynt

    My family’s restaurant was located in Lackawanna, NY on the corner of South Park Ave and Ridge Road called “Joynt’s Restaurant and Bar” which served Roast Beef on (correctly pronounced) Kummelweck from a steam table placed in front of a large plate glass window so you can see staff dressed in white smock’s carving meats. My Great Uncle Jack Joynt started the restaurant in 1919 as Jack Joynt’s Restaurant starting with an old Army tent and later on they built a set of building that still stand today. Joynt’s Restaurant was known for it Roast Beef on Weck sandwiches and daily specials. I remember every morning a Top Round Roast was prepped and cooked for 3 hours for lunch and dinner crowds. Fresh Kummelweck and plain hard rolls were delivered each morning from Kaufmann’s Bakery which was located on the corner of Fillmore and Main St. in Buffalo, NY. The meat was sliced thinly and served medium rare with choice of plain or Kummelweck roll and served with horseradish. I understand at one time in that area of Lackawanna / South Buffalo there were nearly 200 bars/restaurants within a 5 mile radius of the old Bethlehem Steel Plant that a number of them served the famous Roast Beef on Weck. Unfortunately Joynt’s Restaurant closed in 1981 from a fire but reopened in 1987 as JJ Mugg’s opened by my Uncle Mike Joynt as a more of a fine dining sit down restaurant and night club. As the options for a good Roast Beef on Weck are limited I am happy to see some traditions continue on.

  43. Mark Everett

    If your ever in Bradford, PA, Beefeaters has a great Beef on Weck. Similar to the Beef n’ Barrel in Olean!

  44. Tracy Coyle

    I’m a Hoosier who married a guy from Town Line NY. Always enjoyed beef on weck when we lived in East Aurora. We’ve lived in Macon GA for the past 37 years, and would love to find some place that serves it.

  45. Keith

    I’m sorry, but if the rolls aren’t baked with the salt and seeds on, all you get is a mess, not a kummelweck roll.
    Many restaurants in western NY have taken to brushing on the glaze and sprinkling on salt and seeds.
    It doesn’t work. You end up wearing most of the salt and seeds on your hands instead of eating them. Unless you absolutely can’t buy real kummelweck rolls, don’t do this.
    For those in the Buffalo area, Wegmans and Budwey’s both sell real weck rolls, among others!

  46. Jeff

    I still live in Amherst – Brunners Tavern on Main/Eggert Rd still has an awesome Beef on Weck. They cook the beef and slice it behind the bar. awesome!

  47. Louie

    I am from Amherst I have lived in Oviedo for the past almost 40 years every time we come home to Western New York It’s Andersons for us .. I would love to find a great kiser roll to make some weck rolls

  48. Mary Ellen

    The Beef ‘n Barrell in Olean , NY Has the best!!

  49. Jim Sittnick

    Born and raised in Buffalo. Enjoyed Beef on Weck many times, but can’t remember a favorite. But recently I have tried 3 different versions A food truck from Red Osier. No salt and the Caraway seeds were baked in. A salt shaker on a dry bun just didn’t cut it. C-
    Before that the big name that I heard was Charlie the butcher. Apparently it was a satellite place
    They scooped a forkfull of well done beef into some “Ajus” in the steam table. Not what I remembered. Solid D. But more recently Hoaks out on the deck and again in late winter inside. Best Beef on Weck ever. A+++. Also someone in our party got fresh Scallops. Definitely the place to go.

  50. Caron Sanson

    I’m in. Virginia Beach, but my family is in Rochester. Every time we go visit, we have to have a Beef on Weck. Now Wegman’s grocery store has opened and they have the kemmelweck rolls! So excited! Making the sandwiches for dinner !

  51. Jenny Robinson

    Beef n Barrel in Olean, NY has the best!!

  52. Casey M Porter

    The Elba Onion Festival in Genesee County always had the best weck and also white hots. Yummy

  53. Peter Gailey

    I grew up in Lewiston. Now live in Plano TX. We have a tradition every New Years Day. I make Beef on Wicks for the hang-over crowd. Start to crank them out at about 9:00 AM . Friends show up in PJs. Order requests (Free to friends) to go, or hand out. Lots of Football!! biggest question is… How many can I eat??? Most I/we ever made was about 50. Been doing this for 35 years.

  54. Paul Zelba

    Born and bred in West Seneca. Every Sunday we were at Schwabl’s. I’m living in North Texas now and we found a place around TCU called Buffalo Brothers. They make true, authentic Buffalo foods. About twice a year I take the wife up there (collage town bar/restaurant but who cares) and got her hooked on Beef on Weck. Had her hooked an wings about 20 years ago. She can tolerate Genny cream ale and she’s at least tried Loganberry. I can make everything for Beef on weck at home and even picked up a meat slicer for just that reason.

    FOR JIM JOYNT – My dad worked at Bethlehem and I’ve eaten at your dad’s place countless times It was a shame when it burnt down. we were heartbroken as next to Schwabl’s, he had the best Beef on weck.

  55. Rob Kimble

    Jim Joynts, I grew up in south Buffalo and remember Joynts , as a child I had to go with my mom to get her hair did, witch seemed like a lifetime , but knowing there was a beef on weck in my future made it less painless, as others have mentioned Bar Bill in E Aurora is a great tiny place for a BOW but they do not take cards, I now live in Raleigh NC but when I go home I do tend to go to Shwables for one just out of respect , but they have declined . There is also a great BOW at Franks Bar in Lancaster that I try to hit up. but YES your family nailed it

  56. Karen Scheuer

    To Patricia Wahr…we must be related. William Wahr was my great grandfather also. My grandmother was Minnie..I have many articles about him and the kummelweck rolls. The whole family were bakers and butchers


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