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There's nothing better than fresh homemade yeast bread! Find the best yeast bread recipes here. Both beginners to advanced bakers will love these bread recipes. Recipes include both savory and sweet breads that include bread machine recipes, scratch bread recipes, and rolls. All recipe are tried, true and test recipes.

image of bread machineSecrets to Using the Bread Machine - Learn how to use a bread machine to easily make your yeast breads.

About Yeast in Bread Making - Learn about the different types of yeast and how to use them in bread making.



Savory Yeast Bread Recipes

authentic French Bread

Fennel Bread

Authentic French Bread

Bread of the Dead (Pan de Muerto)

Buttermilk Bread

Carrot Polenta Bread

Champagne French Bread

Cheddar Cheese Bread

Cottage Cheese-Herb Bread

Crunchy Wheat and Honey Bread

Dill Pickle Bread

Fennel Bread

Farm House Potato Bread

Hazelnut Bread

Italian Cheese Bread

Kalamata Olive Bread

Lavender Hazelnut Bread

Lavender Focaccia

Lemon Anise Bread

Maple-Hazelnut Bread

Mahrash Moroccan Bread

Muffuletta Bread

Mustard Rye Bread

Nutty Grain Bread

Oatmeal Bread

Oatmeal Molasses Bread

Olive Country Bread

Orange Anise Bread

Parmesan-Herb French Bread

Parmesan Pepper Bread

Pizza Bread

Portuguese Potato Bread

Pumpernickel Bread

Pumpkin Nut Bread

Raisin Pumpernickel Bread

Raisin Hazelnut Bread

Rye Bread

Semolina and Ale Bread

Sesame-Wine French Bread

Whole Wheat Bread


Sweet Yeast Bread Recipes

Baked Sugar Doughnets

King Cake

Baked Doughnuts

Banana Almond Yeast Bread


Breakfast Fruit Bread

Broiche Bread


Christmas Fruit Bread

Dresden Stollen

Dresden Stollen (Bread Machine Recipe)

King Cake


Portuguese Potato Bread

Raisin Cinnamon Bread

Sugar Doughnut Bread


Rolls and Bread Stick Recipes

refrigerator rolls

hamburger buns


Hamburger or Sandwich Buns

Mom's Refrigerator Rolls

Olive Bread Sticks

Pumpkin Dinner Rolls

Refrigerator Butter-Rich Rolls

Rosemary Bread Sticks

Savory Garlic Rolls

Savory Squash Rolls

Sweet Orange Rolls

Tomato-Basil Rolls


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