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chocolate shavingsQuestion:

I need to find out how to shave chocolate for a dessert recipe. I have tried to do this, but have been unsuccessful so far. Can you help me?


For best results, the chocolate used should be cold, straight out of the refrigerator. If it's room temperature, then the slices won't turn out paper thin; instead, they'll be thick, broken chunks. To make chocolate shavings, you first need a good quality of chocolate in block form. Following are two easy methods to make chocolate shavings:

Vegetable or Potato Peeler - Hold the chocolate with a paper towel and pass the vegetable peeler over the narrowest side of the chocolate block. The chocolate will curl up like wood shavings.

Melon Ball Scoop - Position the bar of chocolate on a parchment paper covered pan and hold it down with a paper towel. Scrape the melon ball scoop across the surface of the chocolate. You will get curved shavings.

Storage or Shavings - Keep the shavings in a covered container in the refrigerator until needed. Leftover shavings keep in the refrigerator indefinitely.

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