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Bread recipes are easy-to-make and can be easier when you use your bread machine. I NEVER bake in my bread machine, I use the dough cycle only in the bread machine to mix and knead the bread dough. After the dough has risen one time in my bread machine, I take it out and make whatever shape I want, let it rise a second time in a warm place, and then bake it in my oven. All the recipes posted below have been personally baked and tasted by myself (unless otherwise noted). They look and taste like they came from the bakery!

So if you have a bread machine and don’t use it, I hope you will reconsider and give your bread machine another try using my easy-to-make bread recipes below. Check out Secrets to Using the Bread Machine.

For perfect baked bread every time, also check out my Internal Temperature Cooking Chart.











Biscuit Recipes

    Cinnamon Roll Recipes

      Fried Bread Recipes

        Pizza Dough Recipes

          Quick Bread Recipes

          As the name implies, quick breads can be made quickly and easily.  Because the leavening agent is either baking powder, baking soda, or steam, there is no rising time required.

          Quick Bread Hints and Tips – How To Make Perfect Quick Breads

          Roll & Bread Sticks Recipes

            Scone Recipes

              Sourdough Bread Recipes


              Sourdough Starter Recipe – Levain Starter Recipe
              Learn how to make, maintain, and use sourdough starter. A good sourdough starter can last for years, even decades, with the proper loving care!

              Stuffing/Dressing Recipes

              Making Homemade Breadcrumbs

                Yeast Bread Recipes

                Find the best yeast bread recipes here. Recipes include both savory and sweet breads that include bread machine recipes, scratch bread recipes, and rolls. All recipe are tried, true and test recipes.

                How To Use Yeast In Bread Making – Types of Yeast – Yeast Equivalents – Testing Yeast