Powdered Egg Whites



What are powdered egg whites?

Powdered Egg Whites are dried egg white (pure albumen).  It can be reconstituted by mixing the powder with water.  The reconstituted powder whips like fresh egg white and, because it is pasteurized, can be used safely without cooking or baking it.  The product is usually sold along with supplies for cake baking and decorating.


How to reconstitute powdered egg whites:

For each egg white you need in your recipe, use 2 level teaspoons powdered egg white plus 2 tablespoons of warm water.


Storing powdered egg whites:

Dry egg products can be stored for 12 months and are a terrific source of nutrition.


Advantages of using powdered egg whites over fresh:

In recipes that call for egg whites and no yolks, there is no waste.

No waiting for egg whites to come to room temperature.

If you worry about the possibility of salmonella contamination, the pasteurization process removes any doubts.

Shelf life is infinitely greater – you need not ask yourself how fresh your eggs are.

If you are searching for ways to reduce fat and cholesterol in dishes traditionally calling for whole eggs, like quiche and some cakes and muffins, egg whites can fill the bill.


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