Pacific Northwest Foods

Pacific Northwest Foods Recipe Collection

Alaska – Oregon – Washington – Idaho – Montana


The Pacific Northwest is blessed with fresh seafood, Hazelnuts and summer berries, wild game and the fresh local foods grown in the rich rain forests of the Northwest corner.  All these ingredients make for a fresh and delicious combination of regional foods.  Many come for the salmon and discover all the other gems that the region has to offer.

Check out the following foods of the Pacific Northwest Region of the United States:


Clam Chowder Recipe














Aplets and Cotlets








Corn Bread Recipe








Northwest Cornbread


Homemade Blackberry Pie









Oregon Black Truffles










Oregon Truffles


Smelt Fishing







Eulachon, Oolichan, Candlefish, Hooligan


Fried Rainbow Trout










sourdough pancakes








Baked Huckleberry Pie











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