Gorgonzola Cheese with Honey Recipe

Gorgonzola Cheese with Honey is a very simple and utterly spectacular appetizer to serve.  What could be easier to put together than this cheese plate that only needs two ingredients?  Only two ingredients in this simple, yet elegant appetizer.  This is so simple.  Just get a nice wedge of gorgonzola cheese, and pour some honey over it.  Nothing more is needed but some bread or crackers, and a serving knife.

Gorgonzola is a veined Italian blue cheese made from whole cows milk.  It has a distinct salty flavor that contrasts with the honey in a delightful way.  A great way to serve it is paired with a port wine or any dessert wine.  This cheese appetizer also goes great with a heavy red wine.  Bring it out to the table at the end of your dinner party with family and friends.  Everyone will love the a wedge of Gorgonzola cheese and with honey and it is a great way to cap off your meal.


Gorgonzola Cheese with Honey



Gorgonzola Cheese with Honey Recipe:
Prep Time
5 mins
Total Time
5 mins
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: Italian
Keyword: Gorconzola Cheese with Honey Recipe
  • Chunk or wedge of Gorgonzola Cheese, good quality
  • Honey, good quality
  1. Place the chunk or wedge of gorgonzola cheese on a platter.  Drizzle honey over the top of the cheese.

  2. Serve with crackers or sliced bread.


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