Grand Mammy’s Carolina Sharps Recipe

This fantastic Grand Mammy’s Carolina Sharps dill pickle recipe was shared with me by my friend, Andra Cook of Raleigh, North Carolina.  The recipe also appears in our cookbook called What’s Cooking America which was co-authored by Andra.

Once you make and taste these delicious Grand Mammy’s Carolina Sharps dill pickles, you will throw out any other dill pickle recipe cards in your kitchen.  Yes, these dill pickles are that good!

Also check out Andra’s famous Craven County Sweet Pickles recipe.  This sweet pickle recipe has become one of the most requested recipes on my web site in the United States!  Since I get many questions on this recipe, Andra has graciously updated and added additional comments on making these wonderful sweet pickles.


Grand Mammy's Carolina Sharps


Grand Mammy’s Carolina Sharps Pickle Recipe:

Grand Mammy's Carolina Sharps Recipe

Prep Time: 8 days

Cook Time: 0

Yield: serves many


Cucumbers, wash and cut into 1/2-inch slices
Pickling salt
Cider vinegar
Granulated Sugar 
Pickling spices

* Alum = aluminum potassium sulfate = ammonium aluminum sulphate = potassium aluminum phosphate.  Alum can be found in most grocery



 - Place cucumbers into a large container and cover with boiling water and pickling salt mixture (1 1/2 cups pickling salt to 1 gallon water).

DAY 2 and 3 - Repeat the day one process by pouring off the salt water and recovering with fresh salt water.

DAY 4 - Pour off water.  Cover cucumbers with fresh boiling water with alum (2 1/2 tablespoons alum to 1 gallon water).

DAY 5 and 6 - Repeat the Day four process by pouring off the alum water and recovering with fresh alum water.

DAY 7 - Pour off water.  Cover with equal parts cider vinegar and water.  This mixture should be boiling.

DAY 8 - Pour off vinegar solution.  Pack cucumbers in jars and fill with equal parts cider vinegar and sugar.  Add 1 tablespoon pickling spices and 1 extra tablespoon sugar in each jar before sealing.


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  1. Judy

    How much sugar there are no instructions except to say it is equal parts sugar to cider vinegar. Please explain.
    Thank you,

  2. Doug

    How much Dill do you add? At what point in the process is it added?



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