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Funeral Pie is also known as Raisin Pie and Rosina Pie (German for raisin).

For many years Funeral Pie or Raisin Pie was served with the meal prepared for family and friends at the wake following a funeral.  When a friend or neighbor passed away, it was common to take a gift of food to pay your last respects.

Before there was refrigeration, fresh fruits were not readily available, but most homes had dried raisins on hand. This pie traditionally is served at funerals of Old Order Mennonites and Amish.  This pie became a favorite of Mennonite cooks because the ingredients were always available and the pie kept well.  That meant it could be made a day or two before the funeral supper and freed hands for other tasks since the pie does not need refrigeration.

Some recipes include milk, making it more like a custard pie, and others include water, but they all seem to agree on the necessity of a double-crusted pie, usually with a lattice top.

From reading the older recipe for Funeral Pie, it seems to resemble a mincemeat pie.  If you love raisins and mincemeat, you will definitely love this pie.  Check out my favorite Mincemeat Pie recipe.


Mincemeat Pie


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