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Comment from Alan Florence (10/04/06):

I use my cast iron skillet on my glass top without any difficulty. Just be sure to lift the pan instead of scooting!



I have an electric stove (ceramic top); will a cast iron skillet heat evenly on it? O. Foster (11/13/05)



It will not heat evenly, but it could damage your stove top. You can buy heat diffusers at your kitchen store that will help heating evenly and maybe also protect for stove top.



I am renting and the stove is an electric glass top stove. I had an antique cast iron skillet that belonged to my grandmother and after using it on the glass top stove, it developed a crack. I threw it out and I felt it could not be repaired. I have some smaller cast iron skillets that I have from my grandmother but I am afraid to use them on the stove for fear of the same damage happening. I also have two Dutch ovens. Is there anything that I can use to diffuse the heat of the stove when using the cast iron skillets. Say something to put between the glass top and the skillet?



You can buy small heat diffusers that sit on the burner under the pan at kitchen stores.




I’ve been told by my mother to not use my cast iron cookware on my new flat-top stove. She says it won’t conduct heat right and will scar up the surface of the stove. I can’t find any warnings anywhere to support this claim and would hate to have to stop using my cast iron cookware. What do you think? Dan Doughty (2/04/04)

Can cast iron pans be used on a glass top stove? Are there any specific remedies or cautions. Thank you, Cecile (9/13/95)



Your mother is basically right! If using cast iron on a smooth glass top, be careful. If there is any uneven or spur like (even cooked on seasoning on the outside) it could scratch the top of your stove if dragged.

As for grill pan with bottom ridges, I was told it is a no no. Use only flat bottom pans. If the bottom of your cookware is not flat, it will cook poorly on glass. And glass can be damaged by high heat. You can buy “heat diffusers” at your kitchen store that will help heating evenly and maybe also protect for stove top. Smooth top stove are not my first choice in stove tops.




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2 Responses to “Ceramic Electric Range Top”

  1. Norman Abramczyk

    I use my iron skillets on my glass stove all the time. I preheat them in the oven before I start. Works great for almost all my cooking needs.

  2. Alan Harris

    Glass to electric ranges can be cast iron pan killers. Especially the 3 ring burner. No matter whether you select 1,2, or 3 rings, the small centre ring gets incredibly hot. And, If the temp is set high it does not cycle off and on frequently. If you cold pan with a large diameter on that burner and try to heat it quickly — the pan can not radiate that heat over it’s surface quickly enough. . Recall the fun of using the sun and a magnifying glass to instantly burn tiny holes in paper.
    I try to avoid the problem by either, heating slowly or preheating in the oven.
    Also note: If you have an elongated grill pan, use the heat bridge elements.


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