Dutch Oven Scrambled Eggs and Biscuits Recipe

Dutch Oven Camp Cooking – Step-by Step Photo Tutorial


Dutch oven scrambled eggs and biscuits should be on the menu for your next camping trip.  They are a far cry from the pop tarts or cold packaged cinnamon rolls or donuts that often end up as a camp breakfast.  This is an easy-to-make camp breakfast that once you make you will have it on every camping trip.

The following recipe and photos are by Eileen Troemel of Janesville, Wisconsin (near Madison).  Check out Eileen’s very interesting and informative article on Dutch Oven Camp Cooking.


Dutch oven scrambled eggs

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Dutch Oven Scrambled Eggs and Biscuits Recipe:

Dutch Oven Scrambled Eggs and Biscuits Recipe
Cook Time
25 mins
Servings: 9 Biscuits
  • 1 medium Onion  chopped
  • 1 small Bell pepper chopped
  • 2 Eggs per person*
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Garlic powder
  • 1 tube Store-bought biscuit dough
  • 1/4 cup Cheddar cheese grated
  • 2 tablespoons Vegetable Oil
Optional Ingredients:
  • Mushrooms
  • Crumbled bacon
  • Pepperoni
  • * Egg beaters may be substituted if desired.  When camping, these might be easier to carry than eggs.




dutch Oven Scrambled Eggs

(1)  On a cutting board, chop onion and bell pepper into a small dice.  Also chop up any optional ingredients that you want to add to the scrambled eggs.



Dutch oven scrambled eggs

(2)  In a bowl, beat the eggs; add the onion, bell pepper, optional ingredients, mixing together with a fork.  Season to taste with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, and garlic powder.

(3)  Prepare your fire using either charcoal coals or wood. Eileen is using the charcoal coal method for her Dutch Oven Camp Cooking.  Check out Eileen’s article on Dutch Oven Camp Cooking for information and instructions on Dutch Oven cooking.



Hot Coals
(4)  Fire pit with coal – using backyard fire pit to cook on



Selecting Coals
(5)  Coals being shifted around so more of them will get hot enough to cook with.



Placing Dutch Oven on coals

(6)  Placing cast iron Dutch oven on hot coals.  Shift coals around the oven.  Heat the Dutch oven over the hot coals or wood.



Dutch Oven Scrambled Eggs
(7)  Pouring vegetable oil in the Dutch Oven.



Dutch Oven Scrambled Eggs

(8)  Spread the vegetable oil around the bottom and sides of the Dutch Oven.



Dutch oven hot and ready to cook

(9)  When the pan is hot (hold hand over the oven to see if it is hot).  You are now ready to cook.



Dutch Oven Scrambled Eggs

(10)  Pour the prepared scrambled egg mixture in the Dutch oven.



Dutch Oven Scrambled Eggs

(11)  Cover and let cook, stirring occasionally.



Dutch Oven Scrambled Eggs

(12)  Prepare lid for baking the biscuits by pouring some vegetable oil onto the lid and spread it evenly around the lid using a paper towel.



Dutch Oven Scrambled Eggs

(13)  Open the tube of biscuits (or rolls) and brush both sides of the rolls with vegetable oil.  Place the oiled biscuits on top of the lid.



Dutch Oven Scrambled eggs

If you are in a hurry for the biscuits to get done, you can put aluminum foil over the top to keep the heat in.



Dutch Oven Scrambled Eggs

Do not forget to stir the eggs once in awhile. Just remove lid (and aluminum foil if using), with the biscuits and set aside while stirring.  Then replace lid with biscuits back on top of the Dutch Oven.

A minute or so before the scrambled eggs are done, sprinkle with the grated cheddar cheese.  Place the lid back on to get the cheese to melt.



Dutch Oven Scrambled Eggs

(14)  Wait a few minutes until the biscuits brown, and then turn the biscuits over.  When the biscuits are brown on both sides, remove from the heat

Dutch Oven Scrambled Eggs and Biscuits



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  1. Debra

    May be a stupid question But here goes anyway. I have a lot of food allergies now but years ago I use to make this. I would love to do it again but I would have to make my own biscuit’s from scratch. Would homemade biscuits work as well? My dough is a little bit more moist, sticky, & lighter weight.

    • Linda Stradley

      Yes, you can use homemade biscuits. This recipe is intended for outdoor cooking where the use of store-bought biscuits save time.

    • Joe Willson

      If your dough is sticky you can always dust the top of the lid with flour.

  2. Carol

    I would think that the eggs would cook faster than the biscuits. Do they really get done about the same time?

  3. Michelle Brewer

    I don’t like any brown on my eggs, so I’d start the biscuits ahead of the eggs and start the eggs when I turn the biscuits. Otherwise I think this idea is genius! Wish I’d known about it 30 years ago when the kids were little. 😀

  4. ashok

    Thanks For Sharing this amazing recipe. My family loved it. I will be sharing this recipe with my friends. Hope the will like it.


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