What’s Cooking America – Website Upgrade

For the past couple years the What’s Cooking America team has been working quietly behind the scenes to build a new and improved website upgrade, including lots of great new features our readers have been begging for!  No worries, we still offer the same tried and true recipes, food history and cooking hints and tips our readers have come to trust over the years.  We have just made it better to navigate, print and share your favorite recipes and cooking information.

What’s New?

Printing Options!  We now have print buttons so you can Print the entire page, save as a PDF document to your computer or email a recipe to yourself or a friend. If you do not wish to print the entire page, then you can just print the recipe section.

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Social Media Sharing!  Easily Find What’s Cooking America’s social media home pages and share your favorite recipes and articles to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Google+ and Yummly.

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Newsletter Subscription Sign Up!  Don’t want to miss out on the newest recipe posts or seasonal recipes, sign up for our newsletter to receive regular email updates.

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Metric Cooking Equivalent Measurement Chart!  Now with each recipe post, if you are in need of Metric or Imperial (U.K.) equivalent measurements, you can easily click the Metric Conversion Charts button on the sidebar to jump to our Cooking Equivalent Measurement Chart.

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Jump to Recipe Buttons!  Want to skip over the introduction and get right to the recipe, click on the Ingredients or Instructions button at the top of the post to jump directly to the recipe to get cooking.

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Scroll to Top of Page Button!
 Find yourself in the middle or the bottom of the post and want to go back to the top of the page? Click the grey arrow at the bottom left corner of your screen to jump back up to the top of the page post.

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Comments and Reviews Section!  Want to ask a question or give feedback on your recipe results?  Now you can leave Comments and read Reviews from other readers to learn about their tips and experiences.


Mobile Optimized!  Our site is now optimized for best viewing on mobile and tablet platforms as well as traditional desktop and laptop viewing.

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Featured Recipe Posts!
 Now whatever post you are viewing, you can also find our Newest, Seasonal and Most Viewed recipes on the sidebar.  At the bottom of the page, you can also view Similar Recipes. You will never run out of ideas of what to cook!

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Cooking Hints & Tips   

Comments and Reviews

3 Responses to “What’s Cooking America – Website Upgrade”

  1. Judy Miller

    What happened to the newspaper food section links? It was my weekly ritual!

    • Whats Cooking America

      Thanks for your reply Judy! Since most of the major newspapers have significantly downsized their food sections or completely discontinued these sections, we had to make the tough decision to eliminate this section from the new site as it was too difficult to keep up with the most current newspaper links. I have found a site where you can still look up Newspaper Food sections here: http://www.cooksaurus.com/foodnews.asp.

      • Julia Frew

        I looked forward to your food section every Thursday. You did a wonderful job and Thanks.


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