Peggy Weaver’s Cake Decorating Photos and Ideas

Peggy’s Cake Decorating Ideas

The following beautifully decorated cakes were made by Peggy Weaver.  Peggy has graciously shared these photos to give you some cake decorating ideas that you might want to use in your cake decorating projects.  There are no detailed decorating instructions for these cakes.

NOTE: Because of the numerous photos, it might take a little extra time to completely load the page.  Please be patient!

Check out Peggy’s Baking Corner.  Peggy has agreed to share some of her wonderful baking creations and tutorials with us.

round cake decorated with red and white roses sitting in a box

Valentines Cake

8-inch German Chocolate Cake with Buttercream Icing.

white heart shaped cake decorated with spring flowers on a cake tray

Puff Heart Cake

A white Chocolate Cake with Buttercream Icing and flowers.

purple easter egg shaped cake decorated with a fondant bow and polka dots

Fondant Covered Easter Egg Cake

Inside is a white cake with raspberry filling.

round cake decorated with sunflowers made of icing

Sunflower Cake

This cake was made for my daughter’s second Wedding Anniversary.

cake in the shape of a seashell decorated with edible pearls

Seashell Cake, Coral, Pearls and Gumpaste Lily

The cake is a White Chocolate cake with Buttercream filling and Fondant Icing. The lines were painted with Hershey’s Coco Powder dissolved in a bit of Vodka. The Coral is Royal Icing, and the Pearls are fondant rolled in Pearl Dust. The flower is a hand-painted gum paste Lily.

tall round cake decorated with a flower made of white fondant sitting on a cake stand

White Fondant Anniversary Cake

Pink Champagne Cake with white fondant icing. The flower is a white Mum.

rows of cupcakes decorated with different colored poinsettia flowers made with icing

Poinsettia Decorated Cupcakes

The cupcake is a deep Chocolate flavor with Cinnamon and Almond added

a white sheet cake decorated with a hammer and nails with a message reading "hammering away the years. Happy 48th birthday Bill"

Tool Birthday Cake

a tall round cake decorated with a red flower and green leaves

Green Leaf Top

This is a white cake with fondant icing and leaf decorations. The flower is a fresh picked brightly colored Zinnia.

a sheet cake decorated with a large grass character and his pet rock made from fondant

Nate and Pet Rock Slate

Nate is a White Chocolate Cake about 8 inches tall and covered in Buttercream hair. He is sitting on a 10 x 14 base cake that is covered with marbled fondant. Slate the Pet Rock is made from mini marshmallows and covered with leftover fondant from the cake.

many cupcakes grouped together in the shape of a pumpkin and decorated with orange frosting and a jack-o-lantern face

Pumpkin Cake

This cake was made by my daughter, Rachel. Rachel made two bundt cakes – one for the top and one for the bottom. She used the star tip (16) to do the decorating.

a dome shaped cake decorated to be a pirate's face sitting on a cake stand

Pirate Face Cake

It is a yellow cake made using a Zucotto Pan. The scarf, face and face details were done with Marshmallow Fondant.


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