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I recently came upon a recipe that calls for flageolet beans but couldn’t find them in my local supermarket – do they go by another name?  Can I substitute another bean?  Any help would be appreciated.

Flageolet BeansAnswer: 

Flageolet Beans – The caviar of beans.  Flageolets are tiny, tender French bush type beans that are very popular in French cooking.  The flageolet has an inedible green pod about 3-inch long and small, light-green, kidney-shaped seeds.  Fresh flageolets are occasionally available in the summer.  They range from creamy white to light green.

Flageolets are removed from the pod when tender and just maturing.  This bean of French origin is grown in the fertile soil of California.  Its versatile flavor compliments lamb, as well as fish and chicken. If you can not find them, substitute navy beans instead.




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