Rosti Potatoes

Rosti Potatoes



Have you heard of the term ‘rosti’?  I have but I can’t find it in a dictionary.  Does it mean strips of fried vegetables?  – Regards Margaret (Sydney, Australia) – (12/15/01)




Rosti (RAW-stee, ROOSH-tee) – In Switzerland rosti means “crisp and golden.”  The term refers to foods (usually shredded potatoes) sauteed in butter and oil on both sides until crisp and browned.  A lot like American hash browns.

Rosti, a staple dish in the area of Switzerland bordering Germany, consists of potatoes that are boiled, grated, fried, then baked or grilled into a golden hash, and topped with (of course) cheese.  Rosti Potatoes are the Swiss version of the classic potato pancake.  It is considered the national dish of German Switzerland.





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