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I recently purchased a loaf of bread in a supermarket that was labeled Saloioi Bread.  It was composed of two (2) small round loaves baked in tandem.  I had a great crust and was reminiscent of sourdough bread in texture, etc.  I have searched for weeks in books and the internet and have not been able to find it listed anywhere.  Could you help me as to what it is and what ethnic group bakes it.  Thank you!



Saloio Bread – From Northern Portugal, manufactured in the region of Ponte do Rol, 50 km north of Lisbon.  This century-old Peasant or Farmhouse bread is handmade and dusted with flour. A unique taste and wonderful crust, it is delicious sliced with your favorite dinner.





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  1. Judith McConnell

    I need this recipe!!!! Or, tell me how I can order this bread ! Stop and Shop in New England sometimes has this bread, but often, not!
    Perhaps a supplier might be interested in an investor on this Island of Martha’s Vineyard, at a Farmer’s Market…….or a competing market. You tell me…how can I spread the word of this really excellent product?


    J. McConnell

    • Harvey Schmidt

      Judith, all I can tell you is that I just yesterday bought a loaf of saloioi bread at Market Basket in Rindge, NH and I love it. Do you have a Market Basket store anywhere near you? Call them and see if they provide it. It’s really good bread!


  2. CG

    Giant Food Stores is where we discovered this bread in MD/PA – it’s like crack when it’s grilled. Turns any grilled sandwich into a gourmet sandwich!! Delicious!

  3. Isabelle

    I was at 3 Giant markets this weekend and I could not find it. I stopped today and the lady in the bakery said they discontinued it. I am so sad I don’t think I could make another cheese sandwich now. I have been using this bread for 5 years. If anyone finds a recipe I will need it.

  4. Lori

    I also bought my Soloioi bread at Giant in MD. It was delicious! Made the best grilled sandwiches and toast. I’m so disappointed to learn that it has been discontinued – what were they thinking????? I found several recipes online so my husband and I are going to attempt baking some today.

  5. Judith McConnell

    How did you make out with your recipe for Soloio Bread? I am still trying to find some, but Stop and Shop are saying they have not been able to get any since Covid 19 appeared! I would try to bake some as well if I could find a good recipe. Someone must know how to do this!! Right???

  6. gary

    Head over to Fall River and you will find many Portuguese bakery shops

  7. Shannon

    I just found this bread in our local grocery store in Northeast PA called Boyers. It is now my favorite bread. I agree it makes the best grilled sandwiches and great toasted for creamy dips! They sell it sliced and whole, I hope they never discontinue it!

  8. Mommo

    I too bought saloio bread at a Giant grocery in southeastern PA. It was my favorite by far. But corporate brains decided to get rid of a very good bread and carry only the very mediocre Natures Promise brand. So, I’m baking my own. I did complain, as it was the only good bread in their bakery, but to no avail.

  9. Harold

    Shoprite in Aberdeen has it so would imagine that they all carry it. They either don’t make a lot or they sell out fast because it isn’t there every time I go and usually I get the last one. But that is at 5-6pm.

  10. Rocco P. Sacco

    Find a good Portuguese bakery and you’re golden. Acme Markets subcontracts to a Portuguese bakery in Northeast Philadelphia for its loaves, and they are gorgeous. They come bread roll sized {six to a bag} or in unsliced loaves about the size and shape of a boule.


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