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My recipe calls for 1 package (2 pounds) fully-cooked beef tri-tip roast.  What is this and where can I find it.  The grocery stores in my town do not have a clue.  Help! – Mike Davis (10/28/99)




Beef Tri-Tip RoastBeef Tri-Tip Roast is a Californian term that is also known as Santa Maria Tri Tip.  The meat for this cut is taken from the middle meat across the back of the cow, just ahead of the hindquarters.  This roast is a boneless tender and lean beef cut that gets its name from its triangular shape.  Can be cooked whole or cut into steaks.

Apparently that are any number of claimants in Santa Maria for the title of discoverer of tri-tip.  While this roast is pretty much unknown east of California, asking for the “bottom sirloin butt” would tell a butcher what you were looking for, even if he could not deliver it.

Check out What’s Cooking America’s recipe for Slow-Cooked Beef Tri-Tip Roast.



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  1. Martina Jourdan

    The person who asked how to find tri tip in her home town wasn’t given helpful info; outside of California, such as back east or down south tri-tip is called Chuck Tender Roast. Enjoy!


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