Microwave Potato Chips Recipe

Microwave Potato Chips are a tasty and easy alternative to store-bought potato chips.  You can make golden, crispy homemade potato chips in the microwave.  You do not need a deep fryer to make crispy potato chips – you can use your microwave!  Who knew making homemade potato chips could be so easy?

Use non-stick cooking spray and make these delicious chips low calorie and non-fat that are so much healthier for you and your family.  Children love these homemade potato chips.

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Microwave Potato Chips


Microwave Potato Chips Recipe:
Prep Time
15 mins
Cook Time
9 mins
Total Time
24 mins
Course: Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Microwave Potato Chips Recipe
  • 4 medium potatoes (Idaho, russet, yellow gold, or red potatoes)
  • Vegetable oil or non-stick cooking spray
  • Herbs of your choice (granulated garlic powder, seasoning salt, chili or cayenne pepper, dried dill weed, Old Bay Seasoning, etc.)
  1. Scrub the potatoes clean and then peel the potatoes.  Using a mandoline or a thin, sharp knife, slicing potatoes approximately 1/16-inch-thick.   If you do not have a mandoline, use a very sharp knife and slice as thin as you possibly can.

  2. Immediately place the sliced potatoes in cold water.  To remove potato starch, rinse the slices in a bowl of cold water; change the water at least twice (you want the water to become clear).  Pat the slices thoroughly dry with paper towels (you could also use your salad spinner).

  3. Sprinkle sliced potatoes with your choice of spices or herbs or just leave them plain.

  4. If you have a microwave bacon tray, lightly rub the tray with vegetable oil or cooking spray.  Place the sliced potatoes flat on the tray in a single layer (do not let the potato slices touch each other).  If you do not have a bacon tray, use a microwave-safe casserole dish.  Rub the inside of the dish with some olive oil or spray with non-stick cooking spray and line the dish with parchment paper.  

  5. Microwave, uncovered, on HIGH for 4 minutes; turn slices over and continue to microwave on high another 3 to 5 minutes.  Potatoes are done when they are lightly browned (if they are not browned, they will not get crisp).  Cooking time could vary slightly, depending on the wattage of your microwave and the thickness of the chips.

  6. Cooking time could vary slightly, depending on the wattage of your microwave and the thickness of the slices. The thinner the slices, the quicker they cook and the tastier they are.

  7. Continue to microwave the remainder of sliced potatoes

  8. Recipe makes 4 servings.

  9. Each Serving = .1 fat grams, 110 calories, 2 WW points

Recipe Notes

*  If the potatoes are old, peel and slice thin, approximately 1/16-inch thick.  If the potatoes are new potatoes or have good skins, do not peel, just scrub well and then slice approximately 1/16-inch thick.



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