Swiss Chard Recipe Collection


Sweet Chard is considered the world’s healthiest food with it’s excellent sour of vitamins.  This vegetable is known by many names that include silverbeet, spinach beet, bright lights, crab beet, and Seagate beets.  It is one of several leafy vegetables commonly referred to as greens.  This tall plant is a member of the beet family.  It is grown for both its tender green leaves and celery-like stalks.  Similar in flavor to spinach and beets, chard is pungent, bitter and slightly salty.  Choose bunches with dark green leaves and vividly colored stems.  Leaves and stems should feel crisp and smell fresh and earthy.  This vegetable has been around for centuries, but has been confused with beets and other vegetables.


Check out and make these delicious and healthy recipes:

Smoked Turkey Chorizo Soup with Swiss Chard
A great way to use up the smoked turkey leftovers from the holidays.  Very tasty and warming on those cold and damp nights.  The addition of the chorizo adds a nice spice.  A colorful bowlful of goodness.


Swiss Chard with Mushrooms and Preserved Lemons
This is a lovely dish with delicate flavors.  The final touch of preserved lemons gives it a pleasant surprise.


Tuscan-Style Vegetable Soup
A wonderful vegetable soup using lots of delicious and healthful vegetables.



Swiss Chard   

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