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Fruit Appetizer Recipe Index:

One of the largest collections of trusted party and holiday appetizer recipes on the internet. Because my collection of appetizers is so large, I have placed them into categories listed below. This page includes my wonderful collection of Fruit Appetizer recipes. The recipes are very easy-to-follow and will give you delicious results. Check the recipes out, prepare them for your family and friends, and ENJOY the compliments you will receive!

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Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips
Here’s a tasty snack to make with apples. My daughter made these for family treats. My five-year old grandson couldn’t wait to take some to school for snack time. These apple chips are so easy to make and your house will smell delicious as the apples and cinnamon are baking into chips. The low oven temperature allows the moisture of the apples to dry out and the chips to become very crispy. The apple chips taste best if baked until crispy.

California White Cheddar with Apples
This makes a great starter dish. This course features a lush combination of white cheddar cheese, sweet-tart apples, and spicy walnut conserve. 


Apricots with Mascarpone and Pistachios
This wonderful easy-to-make and delicious appetizer is from the cookbook Small Bites by Jennifer Joyce. This appetizer recipe is a definite keeper.


Avocado-Corn Salsa
Delicious and very aromatic. can be made as mild or spicy as your like.

Avocado Half-Shells
The opened avocado makes a perfect small golden cup from which to serve any number of fillings. Avocados on the half-shell may be served at any point in the meal - as appetizer, salad, dessert, or as a meal in themselves. 

Avocado-Olive Dip
This is absolutely wonderful! Your guests will go wild over it.

Chunky Avocado Salad - Guacamole Salad
I really like this chunky version of guacamole over the mashed ones. It can be served as an appetizer or a salad with either corn or flour tortillas.

Guacamole Dip With Cilantro
In the cuisine of the Southwest, guacamole is used as a cocktail dip, or one of the toppings and/or fillings of enchiladas, tacos, tostadas, or burritos. It is also wonderful as a cold sauce for grilled meats or fish.

Peach-Avocado Salsa
This recipe was shared with me by my friend, Karen Calanchini of Redding, CA.

Roasted Bell Pepper & Avocado Salsa
Recipe by Chef Sarah Scott of the Robert Mondavi Winery of California.

Tomatillo-Avocado Salsa
This is kind of like a salsa verde, but with the addition of avocado. This salsa is so good and very addictive!

Tomato Avocado-Goat Cheese Crostini
These appetizers can be made anytime of the year, but be sure and make this recipe when fresh vine-ripened tomatoes are in season.


Banana Bisque with Cinnamon Croutons
This delightful Banana Bisque could be served either as an appetizer, soup entree, or even dessert. It is not only sensational tasting, but so easy to make!


Cranberry Holiday Spread
This delicious holiday spread is very easy-to-make and is sure to delight your family and friends. Makes a great appetizer to sure before your large Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

Cranberry Salsa with Cream Cheese
This fantastic recipe was shared with me by Carol Reich of Hillsboro, Oregon. Carol won a Dip Contest on the Satellite Sisters Radio Show with this outstanding and also beautiful-to-look-at recipe.

Meatballs in Cranberry Pinot Noir Sauce
These meatballs are easy to make and so good! Sharon says to use Costco frozen meatballs if you want to save time. These are so addictive!

Turkey-Cranberry Sliders
How about surprising your guests with these delicious Turkey-Cranberry Sliders?


Gorgonzola Stuffed Dates
These dates are great as a finger-food appetizer, part of a cheese course, or just anytime to eat. They are so easy to make and so delicious!


Fig Brulee with Balsamic Vinegar
This wonder recipe highlighting aged balsamic vinegar is courtesy of Michael Natkin and his web site, Herbivoracious.

Fresh Figs with Fleur de Sel, Aged Balsamic, and Hazelnuts
This wonderful fig recipe and photo are courtesy of Amanda Darrach Filippone and her website.

Grilled Figs with Goat Cheese and Honey
If you love figs, goat cheese and honey, then you'll pop these onto your grill immediately. Just make sure your figs are ripe.

Pinot Noir Poached Figs
This delicious recipe is from Higgins Restaurant in Portland, Oregon. They are lightly poached, so they don't lose any of their delicious taste.


Chocolate-Covered Grape Truffles
You thought Chocolate Dipped Strawberries were great, now you must try these chocolate-covered grape truffles. These will definitely make a speculator finish for any dinner party.

Goat Cheese, Grape and Pistachio Truffles
Instead of chocolate, the truffles are formed with goat cheese. So delicious!


Jicama Salsa
Check out this very unusual and delicious salsa! Jicama is a legume, is grown for the large tuberous roots which can be eaten raw or cooked and are used as a source of starch.


Roasted Lemon Salsa
This is an unusual approach that produces a great condiment. Roasting a lemon softens its acidity and adds a toasty note. It's a great topper for broiled or grilled chicken and fish.


Fresh Mango Salsa
Salsas are a main staple in Hispanic cooking, but they are certainly not limited to what many people think of as “salsa.”  I have found very few jarred salsas that I would ever even consider serving on my table, and there really should be no reason for anyone to resort to a jarred salsa when making one is so easy.

Goat Cheese Medallions with Mango-Pepper Salsa
I created this recipe for a gourmet dinner group that I belong to. The combination of the hot goat cheese and the cold salsa makes a delightful dish to tease the palates and start the meal off.

Mango and Black Bean Salsa
A wonderful and tasty salsa recipe. Also excellent with seafood and fish. Its most popular use is as a chip dip, but also used as a sauce on meats.

Mango Salad with Grilled Shrimp
This wonderful tasting salad is so easy to make and looks beautiful also! This is a definite make-again dish. This makes an excellent starter course, and is equally great as a light luncheon dish. If you want to impress guests, this one is the dish to make!

Tropical Fruit Salsa
This fruit salsa is a delicious summertime treat. You can develop a real passion for this salsa, since it is low in calories and very flavorful.


Gingered Melon
A refreshing and cooling melon salad or starter for your meal.

Shrimp Martini Ceviche
For a wonderful refreshing first-course presentation, serve this delightful low fat, low calorie, and low carbohydrate Ceviche Martini. The acidity of the lime juice actually cooks or pickles the shrimp and firms the flesh.

Watermelon Cubes with Aged Balsamic Vinegar
This charming little amuse is comprised of two ingredients, and when there are only two, they had better be the best there are! Look for ripe, seedless watermelons in the height of summer, when they are bursting with luscious sweetness. Next, buy the oldest balsamic vinegar that you can find. You may have to purchase it at a gourmet shop. When paired with the watermelon, it's heavenly!

Watermelon Gazpacho Soup
The delicate flavors of cucumber and watermelon go hand in hand to create a sweet-and-savory chilled soup, perfect as a first course on a hot night.


Provencal Orange and Honey Salad
This is a very refreshing and delicious salad that would make a great starter for your dinner.


Peach-Avocado Salsa
This recipe was shared with me by my friend, Karen Calanchini of Redding, CA.

Tropical Fruit Salsa
This fruit salsa is a delicious summertime treat. You can develop a real passion for this salsa, since it is low in calories and very flavorful.


Chilled Pear Soup with Port
This refreshing pear soup makes the perfect starter for your dinner party.

Perada (Pear Cheese or Pear Jelly)
Long considered a delicacy in Iberian and Latin cultures, Perada is nicely paired with cheeses such as Manchego. Perada is great served on a cheese platter.


Balsamic Strawberries
This is heavenly! - You'll love seeing the surprised look on your guests faces after they take the first bite.

Chocolate Strawberries
Chocolate strawberries are beautiful to look at and wonderful to eat! During strawberry season, I like to serve chocolate strawberries as a finale to dinner, as decorations for cakes, and at my family's annual Mother's Day High Tea. Try serving chocolate strawberries with champagne or your favorite red wine. Since we grow pinot noir grapes, I naturally like to serve pinot noir wine. 

Fruity Nachos
Want a departure from the everyday? These unusual nachos are a refreshing break from the traditional hearty flavors of beans, cheese, and jalapeno. You can use almost any firm fruit, alone or in combination.


Mint Julep Watermelon
I created this interesting and delicious watermelon recipe because I had some Mint Julep Simple Syrup in my refrigerator and a watermelon that needed to be used. My thoughts were "What could be better than this eat it and drink it recipe."

Watermelon Cubes with Aged Balsamic Vinegar
This appetizer recipe is by Rick Tramonto, Amuse-Bouche: Little Bites That Delight Before the Meal Begins, Random House, October 2002.



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