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Appetizer RecipesA large collection of gourmet appetizers recipes, easy-to-make appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, starters, hot appetizers, cold appetizers, finger foods, and amuse bouche recipes:

One of the largest collections of tested and trusted party and holiday appetizer recipes on the internet (includes gourmet appetizers, easy-to-make appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, starters, hot appetizers, cold appetizers, finger food, and amuse bouche recipes.

Because my collection of appetizers is very large, I have placed them into the categories listed below. The recipes are very easy to follow and will give you delicious results. Check the recipe categories out, prepare appetizers for your family and friends, and ENJOY the compliments you will receive!



Brushetta, Canapes, Crostini

Small bite appetizers that typically consist toppings resting on small piece of bread.

Caviar Appetizers

Appetizers made using the salted eggs (roe) sturgeon. Some eggs from other species (such as salmon, paddlefish, whitefish, and lumpfish) may also be used.

Learn how to purchase and use American Caviar.


    Cheese Appetizers

    Appetizers using cheese. Recipes are sorted by type of cheese used.

    Dips, Spreads, Pates & Terrines

    Egg Appetizers

    I’ve noticed that the first appetizers to be eaten are the deviled eggs. A must make for men especially!

      Fruit Appetizers

      Fruit appetizers are always very light and refreshing to the palate.

      Healthy Appetizers

      A large variety of healthy appetizers to help you eat leaner and also enjoy yourself.

        Meat Appetizers

        Hearty appetizers that are sure to please the men at your party.

        Mushroom & Truffle Appetizers

        Mushrooms, especially stuffed mushrooms, are always a favorite at parties. When you feel like being decadent, try using truffles in your appetizers.

          Nuts & Seeds Appetizers

          Nuts are always popular at a party, but how about using nuts in your appetizers, such as Dukkah.

            Olive Appetizers

            Olives can be used on their own or in some fantastic olive appetizers.

              PIzza Recipes

              Who doesn’t love a pizza.  Pizzas are a delicious and quick and easy to serve at a party.

              Learn more Pizza Making Hints & Tips

              Seafood Appetizers

              A variety of seafood recipes to please everyone!

              Snack Foods

              A savory snack food is defined as any type of food eaten between meals (usually with the fingers) whether healthy or not healthy. Savory snacks can consists of nuts and seeds, popcorn, chips, crackers, and other savory snacks. Some people would also call these snacks football food.

              Sushi, Wraps and Rolls

              Easy-to-make and always a popular appetizer.

              Vegetable Appetizers

              Use market-fresh vegetable to make delicious appetizers.

              Vegetarian Appetizers

              It’s amazing how many delicious appetizers will work on your vegetarian diet.