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Find the perfect alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage recipes to serve your family and friends in What's Cooking America's large collection of delicious drinks! From favorite beverage recipes, creative cocktails, and eye-opening coffee drinks to refreshing smoothies. It is all here!


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Check out this Basic Simple Syrup Recipe for sweetening your favorite drinks.


Non-Alcoholic Drinks


Alcoholic Drinks

Aqua Fresca:

Cucumber Zucchini Aqua FrescaCucumber Zucchini Aqua Fresca
My daughters came across this unique and very refreshing agua fresca flavor combination at a local farmer’s market food booth this weekend. This drink really hit the spot while they were standing out in the hot sun, and my grandsons were also fighting over this drink!


Mexican Pineapple WaterMexican Pineapple Water - Agua de Pina
Agua Frescas are fresh fruit drinks that are very popular throughout Mexico. You will find these drinks at street stands all over Mexico and also at restaurants. They are usually served from large barrel-shaped glass containers (vitroleros). These drinks are a lot like sorbets, as they freshen the palate. they provide a perfect balance to the spiciness of Mexican foods.

Strawberry Aqua FrescaStrawberry Agua Fresca
Enjoy the essence of the sweet summer strawberries in this refreshing drink. Fresh fruit drinks are very popular all over Mexico and are served from large barrel-shaped glass containers.

Watermel Aqua FrescaWatermelon Agua Fresca
A very refreshing and cooling summer drink and a refreshing alternative to iced tea or lemonade. These wonderful drinks are light-bodied and very refreshing fruit drinks made from whatever fruit is in season combined with sweetener (traditionally sugar) and water.

Watermelon In Rose Lime SyrupWatermelon in Rose-Lime Syrup
This is a wonderful refreshing dessert/drink. A very refreshing and cooling summer drink or dessert. My husband likes to add some gin to his glass.



Coffee Drinks:

Coffee Time - Java Talk
How to make a perfect cup of coffee.

Iced CoffeeCoffee Ice Cubes
Wait, don't dump out the leftover pot of coffee! Instead make coffee ice cubes and enjoy a hot summer Iced Coffee drink. This is good! This is great! Add chocolate or any flavor you like.

AffogatoItalian Affogato  - Affogato al Cafe
Affogato means "drowned" in Italian or "drowned in coffee." It is a dish of perfect, preferably smooth ice cream, drowning in a cup of espresso - like a decadent coffee float!


Pumpkin Spice LattePumpkin Spice Latte
There’s nothing like a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks that announces fall has arrived! If you have not enjoyed one of these lattes before, it’s like drinking a cup of warm pumpkin pie! This recipe is a copycat version that I have adapted. I personally think this version has a richer pumpkin taste than Starbucks.

Rhode Island Coffee Milk, Coffee CabinetRhode Island Coffee Milk/Coffee Cabinet
There is a lot more to Rhode Island than just being the smallest state in our nation. Certain foods have become statewide traditions and part of the state’s history. It is said that if you travel more than 10 miles from Rhode island, people will not know what this drink is. If you are from Rhode Island and live somewhere else, you crave it!


Hot Chocolate Drinks:

Hot ChocolateHot Chocolate
There is a difference between hot cocoa and hot chocolate. The terms are often used interchangeably, but technically they are as different as white chocolate and bittersweet chocolate. Hot cocoa is made from cocoa powder, which is chocolate pressed free of all its richness, meaning the fat of cocoa butter. Hot chocolate is made from chocolate bars melted into cream. It is a rich decadent drink.

Hot Chocolate Recipes Included:
Angelina’s Hot Chocolate
Chocolat Hot Chocolate
Cioccolato Caldo - Italian Hot Chocolate
Decadent Hot Chocolate
Forró Csokoládé - Hungarian Hot Chocolate
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Orange Hot Chocolate


Mayan Hot ChocolateHot Chocolate
This is the perfect hot chocolate to serve at your afternoon tea for adults and children. You do not always have to serve just tea as a beverage at your tea party.


Mexican Hot ChocolateMexican Hot Chocolate
Chocolate was a rage with the Spaniards when they first came to know it by way of the Aztecs. For the Aztecs, it was a sacred food, reserved mainly for priests. Chocolate is hugely popular, and hot chocolate is right in there among the ranks. It may be more popular when the weather is cold, but among many in New Mexico, hot chocolate is drank as the morning beverage, just as coffee or tea is among other people.

Check out the delicious Fireball Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe (in the Alcoholic Section on the right).

Infused Water - Spa Water - Flavored Water Recipes:

Infused Water, Spa WaterCucumber, Lavender, and Mint Infused Water
Many spas serve fancy waters like these, and it turns out that Infused Waters or Spa Waters are so simple to make, plus they are so refreshing! Try this delicious and healthy Cucumber, Lavender, and Mint Infused Water. It’s a light, fresh-tasting water that goes great anytime of the day, and any time of the year.

Orange and Viola Infused WaterOrange and Viola Infused Water
Try this delicious and healthy Orange and Viola Infused Water. The general rule of thumb, is to experiment and have fun when making infused waters. Choose ingredients you enjoy and try new things you haven’t tried before.


Pineapple and Mint Infused WaterPineapple and Mint Infused Water
Homemade infused water is cheap, healthy, and so delicious! Try this delicious and healthy Pineapple and Mint Infused Water. It’s a light, fresh-tasting water that goes great anytime of the day, and any time of the year. The pineapple and mint flavors combine to form a delicious drink that will quench your thirst and keep you cool and hydrated all summer long.

Juicing Recipes:

juicing photos

Cranberry-Orange-Banana-Spinach - Green Smoothie
From this recipe you can add different types of greens, different vegetables, more fruit or less and so on. Blend up a big batch and take with you to work or keep in a container in the fridge to drink on through out the day.

Juicing Recipes For Weight Loss
Did you know that by simply remembering to add goodies like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and kale, you could be giving your juicing for weight loss recipes fat-fighting clout at a whole new level!

Super Defender SmoothieStrawberry Coconut Smoothie
Super Defender Smoothie
Tropical Sunrise Smoothie

Smoothies from the article called Blending vs. Juicing. Is it better to juice or blend? There is always a lot of discussion among my friends about whether they should juice fresh produce or blend whole foods.


Fresh Homemade LemonadeLemonade
So refreshing and delicious! Taste just like the lemonade Grandma used to make, but with no un-dissolved sugar on the bottom of the pitcher! The secret to perfect lemonade is to start by making a sugar syrup. Dissolving the sugar in hot water effectively disperses the sugar in the lemonade, instead of having the sugar sink to the bottom.

Cherry Lemonade
Made with Maraschino Cherry Juice and lemons. Beautiful to look at and delicious to drink!


Mexican Atole - Atole de Fruta Drinks:

Mexican Mango AtoleMexican Mango Atole
Since I love mangoes, and because they are readily available during the summer months, I decided to make this very delicious and fulfilling Mango Atole. There are hundreds of varieties of Atole. The beauty of this drink is that you can use whatever happens to be plentiful and local (whatever grows in the region you live).


Milk Shakes and Smoothies:

Avocado ShakeAvocado Shake
I love avocados! Like most Americans, I have only used them in savory dishes. An avocado shake sounded bizarre to me. In Asia and also Brazil, avocado shakes are very popular. As avocados are a fruit and not a vegetable, this combination makes perfect sense. The flavor is subtle and very addictive!

Date ShakeDate Shake - Date Milkshake
On of the tastiest culinary creations from California is the date shake where date shakes are commonly made in the date-growing region of southern California. The date shakes are filling, delicious, and full of calories! This is a shake you eat more than you drink as the shake is very thick.


Banana Mango smoothie
Mango Banana-Cream Smoothie
This super food smoothie has loads of vitamin C and is low in calories and cholesterol. Go ahead, enjoy this rich and creamy dessert smoothie without an ounce of guilt.

Mango LassiMango Lassi
Mango Lassi is a traditional South Asian non-alcoholic beverage. In fact it is one of the most popular beverages in Northern India. Mango Lassi is also a favorite at Indian restaurants. This drink is a cross between a smoothie and a milk shake.


Mango MelonMango Melon Smoothie
We serve it as "soup" at the inn because of the chunks of mangos in the bottom that you can spoon, but you can also skip the chunks of mangos in the bottom of the dish and enjoy it as a smoothie.

Mocha ShakeMocha Shake
A very delicious and low-fat and low-calorie milk shake that will fit into your diet! This will definitely please your palate.


Orange Sunshine Smoothie
A delicious low fat and low calories smoothie that will please everyone in your family - even your children!

Super Defender SmoothieStrawberry Coconut Smoothie
Super Defender Smoothie
Tropical Sunrise Smoothie

Smoothies from the article called Blending vs. Juicing. Is it better to juice or blend? There is always a lot of discussion among my friends about whether they should juice fresh produce or blend whole foods.

Tea Drinks:

Sweet TeaAndra's Sweet Tea
Southerners swear by their traditional sweet ice tea and drink it by the gallons. In the South, ice tea is not just a summertime drink, it is served year round with most meals. Andra Cook, a friend and co-author of my first cookbook, makes delicious sweet tea using a sugar substitute in place of some of the sugar. You will definitely love this sweet tea!

Juanita's Southern Ice Tea

Iced Tea Punch
A great summertime recipe for your tea party.

Bubble TeaBubble Tea
Finally there's a drink that's fun to eat! Move over trendy coffee drinks and make way for the new drink craze that is going on right now, especially in communities with large Asian populations.

Chai Tea - Masala Chai - Spiced Milk TeaChai Tea - Masala Chai - Spiced Milk Tea
Chai, pronounced with a long "i" as in the word tie, is the actual word for tea in many countries. It is also called masala chai (Masala meaning "spiced"). It is a centuries-old beverage from India which  is basically black tea brewed with selected spices and milk. This is a great alternative to coffee.


teapotMaple Tea

Rose Petal Tea
Rose Petal Tea can be made from rose hips or rose petals. This tea has a lightly floral taste with a slightly tangy flavor. A very elegant tea to serve for your afternoon tea party.

Misc. Drinks:

Mozzarella Martini with Fresh Tomato ConsommeMozzarella Martini with Fresh Tomato Consommé
This recipe is from the Tra Vigne Cookbook by Michael Chiarello. These Fresh Tomato Consommé Martinis are absolutely beautiful, as well as refreshing!

New York Egg CreamNew York Egg Cream
This old-time New York thirst-quencher is sweet and full of fizz. Despite its name, the egg cream contains neither eggs nor cream. In the beginning, it was a soda produced almost exclusively in New York (particularly Brooklyn). the basic ingredients are milk, seltzer, and chocolate syrup. It is traditionally made in a small Coke-style glass.

Peppermint Float Punch
This punch is always a hit at gatherings. It's like drinking a peppermint float. I always make this punch a couple of times during the Christmas holidays. I don't think that you can find an easier punch recipe to make.  


cup of coffeeCoffee and Tea Information

Coffee Time - Java Talk
How to make a perfect cup of coffee

Coffee Drink Calories

How To Use a French Press
coffee press, plunger press and/or press coffee

How To Use a Moka Pot
Stovetop Espresso Maker

Italian Coffee - Can't I Just Find a Cup of Joe?
My daughter, a tourist if Italy, wrote this interesting story on Italian coffee.

Espresso Machines
Different Styles for Different Homes

Organic Coffee
Organic Coffee for Your Health and the Environment

Storing Coffee Beans

cup of teaTea - Drink to your Health
Whether it's drunk hot or cold, did you know that tea is one of the best things you can drink?


Absinthe CocktailAbsinthe Recipes:

Absinthe Drinks
In French, the word "absinthe" mans "wormwood." It was also known as the "green fairy" during its heyday in France in the 1800s. Absinthe is an anise-flavored liquor or spirit. Check out the recipes for preparing absinthe and some cocktail recipes using absinthe.

Drink Recipes Included:
Absinthe Martini - European style
Absinthe Suissesse
Ernest Hemingway's 'Death in the Afternoon Cocktail'
Green Fairy Cocktail

Sazerac Cocktail

mug of Tom and Jerry holiday drinkHoliday Drinks:

Egg Nog Punch
This is an excellent egg nog recipe for a large crowd during the holidays.

Hot Buttered Rum Batter
Instead of buy expensive Hot Buttered Rum mixes, how about making your own? Making your own will definitely taste better! My mother always kept a batch of this Hot Buttered Rum mix in her freezer to use during the holiday season. What could be better on a cold winter night?

Mexican Egg Nog (Rompope)
Rompope, also known as Rompope de Santa Clara, is the Mexican version of the popular holiday egg nog. The word "rompope" is a derivation of the word "pope." This is a favorite holiday drink in Mexico, and since Rompope is strong and sweet, it is meant to be sipped in small glasses. Traditionally it is spiked with rum. This addition of whiskey to this customary rum drink marks the Angle influence in this version.

Tom and Jerry Batter
This is a wonderful recipe, and it is a Christmas tradition for my family.

Ice Cream Cocktail Recipes:

Hummer Cocktails:

Amaretto Alexander
Angel Wings
Banana Split
Blue Tail Fly
Brandy Alexander:
Brandy Pillow
Brown Velvet
Candy Cane
Golden Cadillac

Grasshopper or Mint Patty
Mocha or Coffee
Mud Slice
Pink Squirrel
Rocky Mountain
Strawberry Shortcake
Velvet Hammer
Whiskey Alexander

AffogatoItalian Affogato  - Affogato al Cafe
Affogato means "drowned" in Italian or "drowned in coffee." It is a dish of perfect, preferably smooth ice cream, drowning in a cup of espresso - like a decadent coffee float!

This is a refreshing summer drink from Venice, Italy. What could be more refreshing on a summer's day than the tart flavors of lemon? Also makes a delicious after-dinner drink.

Limoncello Recipes:

glasses of limoncelloItalian Limoncello 1
If you have ever been to Italy, you'll instantly know about Limoncello. It is a lemon liqueur that is served well chilled in the summer months. It is wonderful as a palate cleanser or as an after dinner drink. Keep your bottles of limoncello in the freezer until ready to serve. The ingredients are simple and few, and making a batch doesn't require much work. This is my personal favorite Limoncello recipe and the one my husband and I make every year.

Italian Limoncello 2
Recipe from Ron Carducci. Ron says, "I have relatives in Italy and they make limoncello the same way it is made all through Italy. Additionally, almost without exception, every limoncello I order as an after dinner digestive in ristoranti all over Italy, is made and tastes pretty much the same (I speak Italian and I ask the chefs how it is made and they almost always give me a recipe that varies only slightly from the one I am including below).

Italian Limoncello 3
This version of Italian Limoncello was shared with me by Fulvia Guyger of Prineville, OR. Fulvia is originally from Italy and runs a wonderful bed and breakfast called the Bellavista Bed & Breakfast.

Margarita Recipes

Blended Fresh Strawberry MargaritaBlended Fresh Strawberry Margarita
What could be more refreshing on a hot summer evening?

Blue MargaritaBlue Margarita
These margaritas are beautiful to look at as well as delicious!


Fresh Lime Margarita
Fresh Lime Margaritas
These margaritas are far superior in taste to any made from bottled lime juice or a margarita mix.


Mango MargaritaFresh Mango Margarita
This fresh Mango Margarita recipe is especially refreshing on a hot day or when you want to enjoy some spicy Mexican cooking.

Prickly Pear MargaritaPrickly Pear Margarita
The newest food fad is the tasty Prickly Pear Margarita served by trendy restaurants across the southwest. Since it original creation, many variations of the traditional margarita have been created with fresh flavors like mango and prickly pear.


Martini Recipes:

martiniClassic Martini
The modern definition of a Classic Martini uses either gin or vodka. Gin is the more traditional choice, but vodka had a huge surge in popularity. My husband and I really enjoyed our martinis!



Lemon Drop MartiniLemon Drop Martini
This is a very sweet and lemony drink that came into vogue during the 1970s in California. It is now a favorite drink of the West Coast. The drink was developed at a now defunct bar called Henry Africa's in San Francisco, a well-known singles bar. At Henry Africa's bar, they developed and pushed "girl drinks" - drinks that are potent, yet sweet enough to cover the taste of alcohol. Think of the lemon drop candies!


Pomegranata MartiniPomegranate Martini
I adapted this recipe from Oprah Whinfrey's television show which featured this recipe on her show called Oprah and Rachael Ray Throw a Holiday Party.



Misc. Cocktails:

Aruba Ariba Cocktail
The signature drink on the Caribbean island of Aruba are the Aruba Ariba cocktails. On vacation several years ago, my daughter and her friends claimed this their favorite vacation cocktail and enjoyed many during their vacation. This drink always brings back the happy memories of Aruba. Be warned that while this drink may be sweet and fruity flavored, it packs a powerful punch!


Bacon Infused Bloody Mary CocktailBacon Bloody Mary Cocktail - Bacon Infused Vodka
Hair of the dog? Maybe you're just looking for a great brunch cocktail or trying to impress the bacon addicts with something new. Try a bacon Bacon Bloody Mary! It is easy to add this variation to your mixologist repertoire by using Bacon Infused Vodka. Can't find Bacon Infused Vodka on the shelf - Make it yourself by following these easy instructions. Infusing the vodka is very easy to do.

Bourbon SlushBourbon Slush
This a a great frozen drink that is made ahead of time and kept frozen in your freezer until ready to serve.  The drinks is sweet with a zip of tangy-ness. So cool and refreshing on a hot summer day!



Fireball Cider Cocktail Recipes
Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey is a hit with most men! It is especially popular and easy to mix with apple cider which becomes a very refreshing cinnamon apple flavored cocktail that is enjoyable as a cold or hot drink. We will provide you with a couple of different recipe options to try. These drinks go down easy, so be careful - they can quickly knock you off your feet!

Fireball Cider Party Pops (Cocktail Popsicles)
My son-in-law and his buddies absolutely love Fireball whiskey with the sweet cinnamon flavor. It is like drinking Red Hots or Atomic Fireball candies! One of their favorite ways to mix Fireball is with apple cider for a refreshing apple cinnamon flavor.

Fireball Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe
Both my daughters got together to have a hot chocolate cooking day and came up with some wonderful flavor combinations. For this recipe, they even flavored the whip cream with a little bit of the Fireball Whisky. This turned out so good, they were ready to finish off the entire bowl of whip cream! They garnished the top with some cinnamon and crushed red hot sprinkles.

Fireball Cider Cocktail

Cocktail Popsicles

Fireball Hot Chocolate


Hurrican DrinkHurricane
The drink know to most tourists in New Orleans is the hurricane. During celebrations (and celebrations seem to be every nigh in the New Orleans French quarter), tourists carry their "to go" hurricane drinks with them. In New Orleans, you can carry your drink out of a bar and down the street, even into another bar. Hurricanes are also the cocktail of choice during Mardi Gras, when thousands come to parade and party.


Cucumber Infused VodkaInfused Flavored Vodka
This is a fun rainy day project for you and a group of friends! If you are planning a party and want to spice up the cocktail menu, you can really have fun conjuring up new vodka flavors. Warning - there will be no extra vodka left for drinking! These infused vodkas also make wonderful gifts - just purchase some fancy bottles. Check out the video on making Infused Flavored Vodka.


Irish CoffeeIrish Coffee
It might sound like an ancient recipe, but Irish coffee was a 20th Century invention. Learn the history of this spirited coffee and how it’s made. Check out the easy-to-make authentic recipe.

Italian SpritzItalian Spritz - Aperol Spritz
The Spritz cocktail is drunk all day in Italy in their caffe shops, ostari, and in bakeries. Because this drink is low in alcohol, it is a great way to start your meal, as it is a digestive drink that whets the appetite. In the Venice, it is simply called a “spreetz.”

Mint JulepMint Julep
This wonderful refreshing drink comes to us from Kentucky. It is always made with fresh mint, bourbon, and plenty of crushed or shaved ice. Traditionally Mint Julep is served at the Kentucky Derby and served in silver or pewter mugs. I have tried several recipes and I found that I like making a mint syrup first. According to some Southerners, a Mint Julep is the not the product of a formula, but a ceremony. They say a Yankee can't make one properly. Since I'm a Yankee, you be the judge!

This Cuban drink is extremely refreshing and is a great cocktail to drink on a hot summer day. Mojito means "little sauce" in Cuba, where this drink is very popular. I call this drink the Cuban version of a Mint Julep.


oyster shooter in a martini glassOyster Shot or Oyster Shooter
The oyster cocktail, a popular West Coast treat, originated in a San Francisco restaurant around 1860 by a miner back from the gold fields. The miner was loaded down with gold nugget bigger than ballpark peanuts. Being hungry, the miner asked on the the restaurant's waiters to bring him a plate of California raw oysters with some ketchup, horseradish, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, and a whiskey cocktail. After drinking the whiskey, he put the oysters into the goblet, adding salt and pepper, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, and ketchup.

Sazerac IngredientsSazerac Cocktail
The Sazerac cocktail is to New Orleans what the margarita is to the southwest. It is reported to be the first cocktail every invented (at least in the United States). Antoine Amadie Peychaud, a Creole apothecary, is given the credit for first inventing the Sazerac cocktail in the 1830s.



The Merchant's Wife CocktailThe Merchant's Wife Cocktail - Watermelon Cocktail
This cocktail is by Chef Jeff Mahn from Stella Rosa Pizza Bar, in Santa Monica, California. Mahn says that the drink was named for a 1918 painting by Russian artist Boris Kustodiev that depicts a buxom woman sitting on a sun-soaked balcony to enjoy her lavish breakfast - which includes a watermelon as curvy and lush as she is.

Sangria Recipes:

Pepe's Spanish SangariaPepe's Secret Spanish Sangria Recipe
For our Madrid stopover, we booked an hotel near the airport in Barajas (a small town near the Madrid airport). Pepe, the owner of this wonderful family restaurant, demonstrated tableside how to make his "secret" Spanish Sangria and made suggestions for ordering for some Spanish food the table. I really liked this version of Sangria as it was very smooth and delicious tasting! Check out the video we made on making Pepe's Secret Spanish Sangria.


Red Wine SangriaRed Wine Sangria
Sangria takes its name from the Spanish word, "sangre," which means "blood" and refers to the blood-red color of the drink. Fresh fruit and wine combine to create the perfect beverage for warm summer get-togethers. Sangria is a refreshing drink that is simple to make and yet elegant enough for any occasion.

white wine sangariaWhite Wine Sangria
Fresh fruit and wine combine to create the perfect beverage for warm summer get-togethers. Sangria is a refreshing drink that is simple to make and yet elegant enough for any occasion.



Sake Recipes:

An entirely new class of cocktails, saketinis, has been developed that takes advantage of sake's ability to blend with other flavors. Try Sake Martinis, The Geisha, Moonstone Truffles, Orange Creamsicle, and Wasabi Bloody Marys.



looking at the wine2Cooking with Wine - How To Cook With Wine
The first and most important rule: Use only wines in your cooking that you would drink. Never, never use any wine that you WOULD NOT DRINK! If your do not like the taste of a wine, you will not like the dish you choose to use it in.

How To Successfully Taste Wine - Wine Tasting Basics
Wine tasting is not the same as drinking it. To experience the true flavor of a wine requires that you slow down and pay attention to your senses of sight, smell, touch, as well as taste.

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