Can Sizes and Equivalents



Can Sizes and Equivalents – Can Sizes by Weight and Number

Many recipes specific a can size rather than a volume size.  
This Can Sizes and Equivalents Chart will help you when substituting in a recipe.


Can SizeWeightCups
8 oz. can8 oz.1 Cup
Picnic10-1/2 to 12 oz.1-1/4 cups
12 oz. vacuum12 oz.1-1/2 cup
#111 oz.1-1/3 cups
#1 tall16 oz.2 cups
#1 square16 oz.2 cups
#21lb. 4oz.2-1/2 cups
#2.51lb. 13 oz.3-1/2 cups
#2-1/2 square31 oz.Scant 4 cups
#34 cups
#556 oz.7 cups
#106 lbs. 6 oz.12-3/4 cups
#30014 to 16 oz.1-3/4 cup
#30316 to 17 oz.2 cups
Baby food jar 3-1/2 to 8 oz.depends on size
Condensed milk15 oz.1-1/3 cup
Evaporated milk14-1/2 oz.1-2/3 cup
Frozen juice Concentrate6 oz.3/4 cup



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  1. Lola Alk

    The weight is for the can correct?

    • Nancy

      Lola, thank you for writing! On the Can sizes and equivalent chart, the weight column reflects the weight of the contents of the can.


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