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My father recently was hospitalized for a stroke.  Because his blood pressure is high he was on a salt restricted diet.  With all of his meal came a small packet of seasoning called Chef Seasoning which he enjoyed on his food.  I have looked at several grocery stores in our area, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and I can not find this product.  I have one small packet left from the hospital on the packet it has Diamond Crystal Brand.  Would you know how I may find this seasoning?



Chef Seasoning – A special blend of herbs and spices. Contains no Salt, Potassium, or Pepper.

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS – No Chemical Additives – No MSG – No Preservatives – No Artificial Flavorings – Chef Seasoning is also Kosher Certified and Gluten free.

Available in 10-ounce shaker or handy single-use packets.

Exciting Versatility With Soups, Rubs, Marinades, Boils, Sauces, Broiling, Stews, and Spreads.



Comments by readers with information on Chef Seasoning and Lawry’s Season Salt:

Gene McDonald (10/05/02) – Chef Seasoning used in low sodium diets is not the same as Lawry’s Season Salt.  Chef Seasoning is a Salt Free product by Diamond Crystal Brands, Inc. We were introduced to it in a hospital diet.


Diane Giambruno, R.D., Central Minnesota Heart Center, (5/23/03) – Chef Seasoning is a salt free seasoning used in hospitals for low sodium diets.  It’s made by Diamond Crystal Specialty foods and isn’t available in grocery stores. Their phone # to order their products (a whole line of low sodium, low fat items) is 1-800-827-6763.  I hope you can put this information on your website because Lawry’s Seasoning Salt is very high sodium, very likely NOT what that person is supposed to be using depending on his/her medical condition.


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  1. Pat

    Where can I buy chef seasoning no salt packets?

  2. Susan flora

    I had chef seasoning during my stay in the hospital for heart surgery. I have tried others. But can’t find anything close. Is there any way to buy it.

  3. Leah Brierly

    Where can I buy diamond chef seasoning with NO salt?

  4. Diana

    Can buy a case of 300 packets at

  5. John Owens

    Where can I buy this Seasoning Bland that contains no chemicals? Thank you.


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