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Questions and Answers – Bread Dough Relaxer



Linda, I found a recipe for thin crust pizza, in which an ingredient I have never heard of was included in this recipe, the ingredient is “dough relaxer.”   Although, the name of the ingredient, and what it does, speaks for itself, I would be interested in an explanation of this  ingredient included in your culinary dictionary.  Thank you for your time and consideration. – Erika D. Bower (11/21/02)

P.S. Keep up the good work! Your dictionary is a wonderful tool for us amateur chefs!




Dough Relaxer:  Dough Relaxer is a combination of all-natural gluten-relaxing ingredients.  It acts by slightly disabling the gluten protein in the wheat.  It is not recommended for yeast dough that is made completely with whole wheat or other whole grain flours, or breads baked in a bread machine.  Yeasted doughs will rise at a slower rate when made with Relaxer.  They will have a big “oven spring” (the amount of rise the bread has just as it begins to bake).  Take the oven spring into consideration and don’t be tempted to allow the dough to over rise before baking.

Check out the informative Dough Relaxer Chart courtesy of Ellen’s Kitchen at Bread Builder: Ellen’s Bread Dough Relaxer.

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  1. Betty Hendrickson

    Will the dough relaxer work on frozen dough? I make cinnamon rolls with the already frozen dough, but have problems when rolling dough. It won’t stay stretched to the required shape.


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