Dried Fruit, Nuts, Seed Crisps Recipe

Dried Fruit, Nuts, Seed Crisps are twice-baked like biscotti and then thinly sliced.  They are excellent served with some cheese and wine.  They are also tasty with just about anything or nothing at all.  I love crackers with nuts and dried fruits in them, and these are so addictive!  Learn how to make your own delicious homemade crackers.

These Dried Fruit, Nuts, Seed Crisps taste just like those fancy, expensive store bought crackers but these are made from scratch and much more affordable.  These easy-to-make crackers require no rolling out as other recipe do.  This is a recipe that you want to use Mise en Place before combining all the ingredients.  Mix and match the seeds and nuts to your liking, just keep the total amount the same.  Also feel free to substitute different dried fruits.

I was first introduced to these crackers by Cathy Farley and her blog Wives With Knives.  I have slightly varied the original recipe for my tastes.

Dried Fruit, Nut, Seed Crisps

Dried Fruit, Nut, Seed Crisps Recipe:



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9 Responses to “Dried Fruit, Nuts, Seed Crisps Recipe”

  1. Sarah Ellen Rindsberg

    what type of nuts do you use?
    do you ever use 1 cup whole wheat with 1 cup white flour?

    • Linda Stradley

      If I remember right, I used my favorite nuts of hazelnuts and pistacho nuts. Remember, you can use any combination of nuts that you and your family desire. I used all-purpose flour to make these. Be as creative as you desire with this recipe. You will not fail!

      • Tricia Donovan

        Can you substitute almond flour for these?

  2. Helen

    These are good. I like the cracker type of bread.

  3. Alona

    It looks so tempting. My kids would really love this. I cannot wait to try this at home. Most of the time, my ingredients that I buy are from online store. I recommend this online store that is the best dried fruits and nuts. If you have time you can stop by on this link.
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  4. Mary

    I made these a few years ago and loved them. I went to pull up the recipe again and it’s no longer showing? Is there a way to get this recipe back or can someone send it that may of printed?? Thank you!

  5. Dora

    The recipe is not showing up😢
    May I please have a link to it?
    I tried the one that was shared on December 10, 2022 and it takes me to this same page and no recipe shows up.

    • Nancy

      Thank you for pointing that out. I am working on trying to figure out what the issue is.


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