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Different Styles of Espresso Machines for Different Homes

Article by Andréanne Hamel, a home espresso machine expert.


There are many different types of espresso machines that you can use to make a delicious cup of coffee.

A really great espresso machine can cost a lot of money.  There is no sense in buying one that is so difficult to use that it eventually becomes a paper weight that you ignore in your kitchen.  The right machine should match your home but even more importantly it should match your personality and skills.  It should have enough options to allow you to try different techniques to get different types of coffee.


Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine:

Espresso MachinesA popular home espresso machine is the semi-automatic ones.  These made their first appearance in the 1940’s and soon replaced the piston operated types.

They are not fully automated because you are required to stand near the machine to operate it.  Brewing with these electric pump espresso machines begins when you press the on switch.


Automatic Espresso Machine:

The automatic espresso coffee maker.  While they are similar to the semi automatic, they provide more ease of use because they require only one touch to complete the job.

Simply configure the preset option and save the setting.  To brew the espresso, turn on the machine and select the preset switch.  The machine will make the espresso according to the preset configuration.

Once complete, the machine will stop on its own, and does not require you to stand nearby to keep an eye on it.

An automatic machine is often not found in homes as they cost more money but produces the same great quality espresso as the semi auto.  Convenience is the biggest reason to get these types of machines and most consumers will find that there is a limited selection to choose from.


Super Automatic Espresso Machine:

Super automatic espresso machinesFor an easy to use maker and a quick cup of espresso, you can not beat the super automatic coffee machines.  These machines complete the entire process quickly and automatically.

Their increased popularity is due to the fact that when you press the on switch, your beans will be ground precisely, the coffee grind will be packed, the correct amount will be removed, and while the leftovers will be placed in its own waste box.

For even less work, you can buy a machine that will help to maintain itself and while expensive, these machines are often worth the price.  Another feature of the super automatic espresso machine is its flexibility.

You can control many aspects of the machines to make your espresso strong or weak and full bodied.  You can even use extra features to make coffee with beans that have already been ground and save the whole beans for another time.




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