Brazilian Pink Pepper

Brazilian Pink Pepper – Pink Peppercorns (Schinus)


Brazilian Pink Pepper


The Pink Peppercorns (Schinus), was founded as a product for trade in 1992.  It was at this time that it was discovered that these trees grew wildly on the whole coastal region of Brazil as part of the Brazilian native vegetation.  The state of Espirito Santo is the largest and first state to export the pink pepper throughout the world.  Pink Peppercorns have a sweet and mild taste, also very aromatic, not pungent like the regular ripe pepper fruits.


Pink Peppercorns are named after its color and shape, not because of the flavor which is  totally exotic and different from regular peppercorns, which have a red tone, but a much more intensive pungency.
Today, Pink Peppercorns are commonly used in cuisines all around the world, and it has become real trendy in all fine food flavors.


Nowadays, the IBAMA (Brazilian  Environment Institution), which is the government’s department that inspects and controls the Pink Peppercorns  (schinus) harvest and only allows formal and legal companies to explore and to deal the product.  All of this is to confirm that the pink pepper is totally natural and our company is already working with basically all the top quality producers.  One advantage that you will have buying directly from Brazilian producers is quality guaranteed and we also have ORGANIC PINK PEPPER CERTIFIED ECOCERT.

Information about Brazilian Pink Peppers was translated and sent to me by Dora Moulin ofJMB Brokers.  Our company is involved in an organic products project, we are working with different producers going through this process of certification, which IBD Institute JAS and ECOCERT are handling it. This certification will be done for producers that are going through this process. his certification is involving all the peppers, herbs, fruits, roots, sugar, and others.  Knowing that these products are already certified, we can also begin on other projects in the organic area.


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