How To Have Younger Looking Hands

How To Have Younger Looking Hands Keeping hands beautiful as we age   If I only knew what I know now when I was younger,  I could have stopped or … Continued

How To Make Lip Balm

Learn how to make lip balm at home.  This is my favorite lip balm recipe that I am sharing with you.  I am addicted to lip balm and put loads … Continued

Cosmetic Labels

How to Read Cosmetic Labels

  How can you be sure your shampoo that claims to have all natural ingredients does not also contain some synthetic chemicals?  Or that your hand lotion actually does contain … Continued

Neck Wattle

Face Lift Alternatives Rid Patients Of Neck ‘Wattle’ Without The Downtime Of Surgery American Society Of Plastic Surgeons (2005, April 29) Facelift Alternatives Rid Patients Of Neck ‘Wattle’ Without The … Continued

Obesity and Your Health

Why Weight Matters:  Obesity and Your Health Author: Robert Kushner, MD, Wellness Institute, Northwestern Memorial Hospital Medically Reviewed On: January 07, 2002 Source:  The Detroit News   We are a … Continued

Teeth Whitening

How To Whiten Teeth – Teeth Bleaching   Did you know that teeth whitening is the number one (1) requested cosmetic service today and that its popularity continues to soar? … Continued

Vanity And Againg

  I Admit It – I Am Vain! by Linda Stradley   I think every women is vain to some degree.  Face it, the face is the first mark of aging, as … Continued

The Fountain of Youth

Water – The Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth For thousands of years, people of all countries have been seeking a mythical fountain of youth.  If I told you that there is something that will … Continued