Bacon Waffles with Peaches

Bacon Waffles with Peaches Recipe

  Bacon Waffles with Peaches is a summer breakfast favorite during peach season.  The addition of bacon in these waffles take the taste buds to a new level when you … Continued

Belgian Waffles Recipe

Belgian Waffles Recipe

I was craving Belgian waffles to make for Sunday morning breakfast for the family.  I found this recipe featured in Taste of Home magazine with a claim that the recipe … Continued

Yeast Raised Waffles

Yeast Raised Waffles Recipe

Yeast Raised Waffles are much more interesting than the basic waffles, as they are more creamy and airy.  The yeast gives the waffles a tangy flavor.  Yeast Raised Waffles involve … Continued