french onion soup

French Onion Soup Recipe – Onion Gratinee Soup

French Onion Soup is a hearty mixture of deeply-colored and caramelized mouth-melting onions, chicken stock, and layer of toasted French Baguettes.  It is topped off with a thick, creamy cheese … Continued

Corn Off The Cob Soup

Fresh Corn Off The Cob Soup Recipe

Fresh Corn Off The Cob Soup is truly delicious – especially chilled.  This is a easy to make and delicious soup that features fresh corn from the cob!  Everyone that I have … Continued

Frogmore Stew

Frogmore Stew History and Recipe

Frogmore Stew is actually not a stew and it contains NO Frogs! Frogmore Stew is considered a classic Low Country South Carolina dish.  This dish is also know as Low-Country … Continued

Fruit Recipe Collection

Fruit Recipe Collection

  Fruit Recipe Collection for everyone! A plethora of outstanding and delicious recipes using different fruits.  The fruit recipe index includes recipes using common fruits to exotic and tropical fruits.  There … Continued

Gazpacho Soup

Gazpacho Soup with Avocado Creme Fraiche Recipe

Gazpacho Soup with Avocado Creme Fraiche is so easy to make and so delicious!   This classic Andalusian soup is best served the day it is prepared, but can hold in … Continued

Ginger Marinated Chicken Breasts with Soba Noodles Recipe

Ginger Marinated Chicken Breasts with Soba Noodles is excellent!  You and your family will really like this chicken dish, so give this Ginger Marinated Chicken Breasts with Soba Noodles a try!  Japanese … Continued

Ginger Spice Chicken and Tomato Soup is interesting with lots of layers of flavors. I call it a souped-up version of your traditional tomato soup

Ginger Spiced Chicken Tomato Soup Recipe

    Ginger Spiced Chicken Tomato Soup is interesting with lots of layers of delicious flavors!  Take the traditional tomato soup and boost it up with this delicious and hearty … Continued

Guinness Beef Stew

Guinness Beef Stew History and Recipe

Stove Top – Slow Cooker – Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Instructions Most every pub you visit in Ireland will offer Guinness Beef Stew on the menu.  Stewing the beef in … Continued

Gumbo History

History of Gumbo By Mark Huntsman Of all the dishes in the repertoire of Louisiana cooking, gumbo is undoubtedly the most famous.  One of the oldest dishes in Louisiana and … Continued

Gumbo Ya Ya with Shrimp

Gumbo Ya Ya With Shrimp Recipe

Stove Top and Slow Cooker Instructions I may not be born and raised in Louisiana, but I truly love gumbo down to my bones, especially Gumbo Ya Ya with Shrimp.  … Continued

H. Allen Smith Chili Con Carne Recipe

  The first chili cook-off known to modern man took place in 1967 in uninhabited Terlingua, Texas (once a thriving mercury-mining town of 5,000 people).  It was a two-man cook-off … Continued

Hawaiian Saimin

Hawaiian Saimin History and Recipe

The favorite local fast food of the Hawaiian islands (also considered the national dish of Hawaii) is Saimin, an inexpensive noodle and broth soup.  It is considered the supreme comfort … Continued

Pumpkin Soup

Holiday Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Tea Travels!™… Holiday Pumpkin Soup by Ellen Easton © – All Rights Reserved       Pumpkin Soup is a delicious addition to your holiday meals.  Especially great for your … Continued

Home at Six Soup Recipe

Pantry Soup Recipe With these familiar ingredients on the pantry shelf, this hearty Home At Six Soup can be put on the table in a flash!  This has always been … Continued

Homemade Beef Stock

Homemade Beef Stock Recipe

Learn to make outstanding homemade beef stock.  Beef bones are relatively cheap, and other than a long simmer time, you can make a gallon of beef stock with little effort.  You … Continued