Homemade Turkey Stock Recipe

Stove Top – Slow Cooker – Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Methods   Do not throw out those leftover turkey bones – make Homemade Turkey Stock!     My favorite thing … Continued

Smoked Turkey Soup

Smoked Turkey Bean Soup with Kale Recipe

Smoked Turkey Bean soup with Kale is a great use for all that leftover smoked turkey form Thanksgiving.  It has a rich and flavorful smell and taste.  Smoked Turkey Bean … Continued

Smoked Turkey Chorizo Soup with Swiss Chard Recipe

This Smoked Turkey Chorizo Soup with Swiss Chard is a great way to use up the smoked turkey leftovers from the holidays.  Very tasty and warming on those cold and … Continued

Spicy Turkey Kielbasa Soup Recipe

  Spicy Turkey Kielbasa Soup is a restaurant-quality soup that is easy to make, hearty, and so delicious.  Another use for those zucchini squash that produce so well in the … Continued

Turkey Noodle Soup

Turkey Noodle Soup Recipe

  Turkey Noodle Soup is a very tasty way to use up all of your turkey.  After the bird is carved and you are left with the bones instead of tossing … Continued

Turkey Noodle Spinach Soup

Turkey Noodle Spinach Soup Recipe

Turkey Noodle Spinach Soup is made from the carcass of the leftover Thanksgiving turkey, plus all bones saved from the legs, thighs, and wings.  A very tasty way to use … Continued