Clam Recipe Collection


Learn How Easy It Is To Cook Clams

A variety of delicious clam recipes using fresh and canned clams  


Pan Fried Razor Clams   Steamer Clams

Baked Stuffed Shrimp with Clams
Very easy to prepare and so good!  Can be used either as an appetizer or a main course.


Fried Razor Clams

Named because their shells are razor sharp, these tasty clams are found on sandy ocean beaches and usually dug in the shallow surf.  If you are lucky enough to get fresh razor clams, the preferred way of cooking them is to fry them.  Two fried razor clams recipes are included.


Pacific Coast Clam Chowder
This is my family’s favorite clam chowder.  It it traditional to serve this chowder on Christmas Eve every year.


Paella – Spanish Seafood Paella
Spanish paella is a spectacular dish with a rich history.  It originates from a region of Spain called Valencia, which is in Eastern Spain.  Today, paella can be found in most seaport cities of Spain.  Every Spanish cook claims to make the best paella in the country.


Pat’s Hot Clam Dip

This clam dip is a family favorite that we always serve during the holidays.


Steamed Clams
What could be easier to make and more delicious than steamed clams with butter?  I can’t think of anything else!





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