Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea Menu

Tea Travels!™… A Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea Menu

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Mother's Day Afternoon Tea
Violet Tea – Photo By Ellen Easton ©2020 – All Rights Reserved Reva Paul Violet Sugars ©2020 – All Rights Reserved

Mother’s Day should be everyday.  Celebrating the women who raise children is not limited to just the women who give birth.  Any woman who takes the time to nurture and oversee the well being and development of another, often sacrificing their own needs and dreams, deserves distinctive recognition.  We would not be who we are without these wonderful people.  I honor my own mother, Reva, with a special thank you, love, and appreciation for not only introducing me to afternoon tea, but for sharing her artistry to teach me all that I know.

Having a tea party is a lovely way to honor all women who are helping to make this world a better place.  Remember, store bought or homemade, the best menu is created with love!  All suggested Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea menu items may be substituted with ingredients that are to your own taste and readily available in your local area.

Wishing You Happy TEA TRAVELS!™ – Ellen Easton

Sandwiches and Savories:

For recipes, click on the underlined.

Mother's Day Afternoon TeaTea Sandwiches 

Egg Salad and Fresh Chopped Chive Tulip
with Chive Butter on Whole Grain Bread

Fluted Sliced Cucumber with Pimento-Green Olive
with Pimento-Olive Butter on White Bread Round

Wild Alaska Sockeye Smoked Salmon Flower
with Fresh Dill and Lemon Butter on Pumpernickel Bread

Scallion Cream Cheese Tulip
with Lemon Rind Garnish on Whole Wheat Bread

Fluted Sliced Radish
with Salted Butter on White Bread Half Moon

Hummus and Sliced Apple
in Hollowed Mini Brioche Roll

Black Forest Ham
with Fresh Dill and Orange Butter on Rye Round

Flavored Butters (Fruit, Herb & Spice)

Tea SconesTea Scones 

Ellen’s Fresh-Baked Scones
with Devonshire Cream, Lemon Curd, Apricot and Strawberry Preserves


Dark Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Toasted coconut oatmeal cookiesCoconut Oatmeal Cookies 

Toasted Coconut Oatmeal Cookies

Rose MeringueRaspberry-Rose Meringue Nest 

Fresh Raspberry and Buttercream Rose Mini Meringue Nest

Violet Bundt CakeBundt Cake with Violets and Blackberries 

Mini Bundt Cake with Blackberries and Butter Cream Violets
Use the Quatre-Quarts Cake recipe or Almond Honey Pound Cake recipe


Iced Tea Punch
with Fresh Mint Garnish

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Helpful Hints:

To flute the edges of a cucumber, run the prongs of a fork down the outside (on the peel) of the cucumber to make the pattern of your choice.  Once you have created the pattern, cut horizontally into thin slices.

To flute the edges of a radish or citrus rind, first cut to the desired thickness.  Using small scissors, cut the edges on an angle.

To create a hollowed well in a mini roll, simply cut a round circle on the top to scoop out the middle section of dough.  The well can hold hummus, dips, as well as chicken, crab meat, egg, lobster, and tuna salads.

Use cookie cutters to create floral shaped sandwiches.

A Meringue Nest may be filled with pastry cream, nutella, ice cream, and/or preserves.

To create colored, softened, spreadable cream cheese, add a few drops of food coloring and mix.

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    I am a fan of your recipes and whenever I get time I try one of them. This Mother’s Day I am gonna make this Bundt Cake with Violets and Blackberries for my mom and wife.

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    Thank you for your kind comments. May all of your afternoons be filled with tea and those who are special in your life. Ellen Easton


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