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This flambe recipe collection includes savory and sweet recipes using a flambe technique.  Impress your family and friends by serving one of these dishes.  Flambing at home is easier than most people think.  Learn How To Flambé.


Brennan's Banana Foster
Brennan’s Banana Foster
The original recipe for Banana Foster comes from Brennan’s Restaurant in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  Little did anyone realize that Bananas Foster would become an international favorite and is the most requested item on the restaurant’s menu. Thirty-five thousand pounds of bananas are flamed each year at Brennan’s in the preparation of its world-famous dessert.


Cherries Jubilee
This is the easiest recipe that I have ever tried for making the famous Cherries Jubilee.


Crepes Suzette
Probably the most famous crepe dish in the world.  In a restaurant, a crepe suzette is often prepared in a chafing dish in full view of the guests.  They are served hot with a sauce of sugar, orange juice, and liqueur (usually Grand Marnier).  Brandy is poured over the crepes and then lit.


Flaming Bananas
Another easy and spectacular dessert to serve your company.


Flaming Pineapple Boat with Shrimp
I created this dish for a gourmet dinner that I put up for a local charity auction to benefit the Hillsboro School Foundation. Using the pineapple shells makes a very dramatic, exotic, and beautiful presentation! This wonderful dish will definitely delight your family and friends.


King Crab Legs – Taverna Opa’s Steamed King Crab Legs
Learn how to cook King crab legs by baking, steaming, microwaving, etc.  Also check out this easy to make and outstanding King Crab Legs.


Steak Diane
Steak Diane is a classical meat dish that to properly be served must be prepared at table side.  This presentation is a great way to impress your guests.




Flambe Recipes   

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