Can Sizes and Equivalents



Can Sizes and Equivalents – Can Sizes by Weight and Number

Many recipes specific a can size rather than a volume size.  
This Can Sizes and Equivalents Chart will help you when substituting in a recipe.


Can SizeWeightCups
8 oz. can8 oz.1 Cup
Picnic10-1/2 to 12 oz.1-1/4 cups
12 oz. vacuum12 oz.1-1/2 cup
#111 oz.1-1/3 cups
#1 tall16 oz.2 cups
#1 square16 oz.2 cups
#21lb. 4oz.2-1/2 cups
#2.51lb. 13 oz.3-1/2 cups
#2-1/2 square31 oz.Scant 4 cups
#34 cups
#556 oz.7 cups
#106 lbs. 6 oz.12-3/4 cups
#30014 to 16 oz.1-3/4 cup
#30316 to 17 oz.2 cups
Baby food jar 3-1/2 to 8 oz.depends on size
Condensed milk15 oz.1-1/3 cup
Evaporated milk14-1/2 oz.1-2/3 cup
Frozen juice Concentrate6 oz.3/4 cup



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  1. Lola Alk

    The weight is for the can correct?

    • Nancy

      Lola, thank you for writing! On the Can sizes and equivalent chart, the weight column reflects the weight of the contents of the can.

  2. Carolyn

    Thank you for the sizes. I know that they (canneries) have lowered the amount in the cans. ie 3# coffee, laughable. Canned milk etc. It plays Whaley with some of my recipes.

    Thank you.

  3. Mike Thaxton

    I would inform people that the dates on cans are not expiring dates . Can veg. ,fruit and others have no expiring date . There was a story of a brother and sister who were cleaning out their parents house after they passed away and found canned peaches that was canned in the 1940’s and decided to open it up and try them . They said it was great . By law the companies have to put those dates on the cans but the dates mean nothing ! Canned food , The greatest invention ever ! Great enough to feed canned spam to our soldiers fighting in WW2 ! No wonder why i love spam lol

    • John K

      While expiration dates may not exist, that doesn’t mean that canned food is good indefinitely. I’m a former USAF Food and Health inspector and we had specific guidelines for inspecting canned goods for spoilage, both new cans and long stored rations. NEVER open or attempt to consume canned goods that show any of the following:
      Never use foods from containers with these signs:

      Loose or bulging lids on jars.
      Bulging, leaking or badly dented cans (especially along the top, side and bottom seams).
      Foul odor.
      More good info here:


    My recipe calls for a No. 9 can of crushed pineapple with juice. How many ounces of pineapple should I use?

    • Josh

      5 pounds 11 ounces for a #9 can or 91 ounces.

      • Lisa

        How many servings in a can of green beans nt.wt.14.5oz

  5. FA

    I think that is incorrect. The #9 can is the small can, like tuna fish comes in. I’d say more like 4-6 ozs.

  6. Diane Shimabukuro

    what size is a number 2 can of pineapple chunks. Thanks

  7. Margaret Moore

    I have a recipe for pineapple casserole that serves 60 people and calls for 3 gallons of drained pineappletidbits how many cans and what size cans do I need to purchase for this recipe . I cannot find gallon size cans in my area

  8. Chad

    Thanks WCA!

    This is a lill more complete list out than many others (like we havea “square can”? Sure I seen the ‘oil cans’ here in the storehouse, but never a 16 oz).
    I have one I’ve not seen before (retail I assume) that is 39 oz/2#7oz/1.11kg from Hannover of PA of White sweet corn with Poblano peppers (sub title) Silver Queen Style. I have 8 to a table here & I’ll serve it out w/a 1/2 cup ladle for each serving (10 cans = 1 meal here).

    No recipe on their site (“We don’t make that” an error window popped up). Gotta idea how to stretch it? Would it B some ingredient to a SE usa dish? Just served this way?

    – -Chad

  9. Jane Gray

    How many ounces in a can of 3002 pumpkin pie filling?

  10. Randi Bowen

    How many ounces in a #4 can? I have an old recipe that calls for it.

  11. Joyce Rodenwald

    How many oz. In an #8 sized can of pineapple

  12. Jacob

    Is there a can size for these measurements: 13.5 fl. oz., 13.5 oz., 7-9 oz., 18-19 oz., 13.66 fl. oz., 25.5 fl. oz., 47 oz., and 100.7 oz..?

  13. kiki

    what number can is the typical, small size can of tomato paste? i don’t see the can size in my recipe listed here


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